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Discover Ollie Quinn Eyewear

It is approaching that time of year again where we all need a great pair of sunglasses to whip out for those golden Spring days. Even though it is only April, and not exactly shorts weather, it always feels good to throw on some decent glasses and make yourself feel like Summer is just around the corner. I have already witnessed a few people who find it impossible to remove their sunglasses whilst underground on the tube. I imagine in most cases they are being used to block out the daily commute however I would also like to think they are just being optimistic about the unreliable British weather. Sunglasses are a key item in our summer wardrobes and an important accessory to any outfit. With so many options out there available to purchase, it can be a tricky decision to make.

The shape of a good pair of sunglasses is extremely important and certainly says a lot about you when it comes to personal style. There are such a vast variety of brands out there these days, however sometimes we can be persuaded to spend a fortune, when really there are some great contenders in the low/mid-range of the market. We all know how easy it is to drop and scratch them, leave them in a restaurant, lend them to a 'forgetful' friend or do what I did not that long ago, and knock them off a friend's head down the back of a ferry... they are fragile things. And I am sure I am not the only one who has been through numerous pairs over the years. So why not tighten the strings on the sunglasses budget and take a look, if you haven't already, at the wide selection from Ollie Quinn. Every single pair is £98. You can't really go wrong with that and if you end up leaving them behind in a tent at Glastonbury this summer, they won't leave a major scar in your bank account.

Ollie Quinn, or 'OQ', is an independent eyewear brand, launching with 16 boutiques in the UK and Canada. They are a rapidly growing company with plans to add 30 more boutiques to their portfolio within the next 12 months. Their collection of frames consists of 50 sun and optical frames, with the collection expanding with a further 20 frames ready for the Summer months. My personal preference out of the men's collection of sunglasses are the Gamble and Maisetti frames, which are available in a variety of colours. The Maisetti in 'Black/Sand Party' are particularly striking with a thin bridge between the lenses and exposed rivets. If you tend to prefer a classic look, then I would recommend the Gamble in 'Mahogany' which provide an intellectual look with the slightly squared shape.

What makes Ollie Quinn unique is that they have cut out the 'middle man' in the production process. Everything is designed in-house by a group of highly creative designers, whose aim is to create an affordable and stylish product, using quality materials. The brand works directly with manufacturers and prescription lenses are cut locally. They have searched for material suppliers from all over the world and whittled it down in order to find the best acetate and metals available. An added bonus from the brand is that they even offer eye exams in some of their boutiques. Stores in Spitalfields, Clapham, Canary Wharf and Covent Garden, in London, all offer this service with qualified optometrists available for a 30-minute eye test and give advice on the best frame available for you. Prescription glasses take around 1 or 2 weeks for delivery. Whilst striving to maintain their definition of being an 'independent' brand, Ollie Quinn are able to keep their prices low in comparison to high-end brands and focus their energy on what their customers look for in affordable glasses. This makes them a very appealing brand and a welcome addition to the British high-streets.

Bec Loades

With a strong passion for fashion, Bec has retail experience in styling and enjoys researching new style trends and seeking out upcoming menswear brands.

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