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Discover John Malkovich Menswear

Finally, actor John Malkovich owns his “dot com” after his name. It was through very sophisticated and witty TV ads, strategically placed during this last Super Bowl, that we learned Mr. Malkovich’s troubles to take back his valuable “dot com” from a fishing website whose domain was johnmalkovich.com. It’s hard to imagine that his previous two ventures, Uncle Kimono and Technobohemian, didn’t have any on-line presence, but now we can purchase from the comfort of our home computers, the creations the actor designed for his new menswear collection under his own very name.

It’s amazing how Mr. Malkovich can travel effortlessly from movie screens, to theatre stages, to the realm of menswear, and in each venture reveal the same strong unique personality that is “John Malkovich.” Ease seems to be the key element in his new Spring/Summer collection of classic shirts with whimsical but never too intrusive prints, fun T-shirts with cartoon illustrations, and the most classic cotton sweaters in white, blue, and cherry red, paired with unexpected square necklines. Found in this collection as well are skinny trousers in cotton, linen, or light wool in classic nuances of blues and greys, and timeless blazers in linen and cotton. And, if you end up on the beach this summer, Mr. Malkovich is offering loose cotton Bermuda shorts for your comfort in the warm weather.

Illustration: Stefano Imbert
Illustration: Stefano Imbert

There are a few surprises, too, such as the “Mao Jacket” constructed with a flat notched collar and the relaxed “shirt jacket” composed of two patch pockets and buttoned cuffs. Accessories received particular attention in the form of sensual scarves with hand-drawn patterns, created by Mr. Malkovich himself, and printed on silk and cotton or linen blends. Knitted silk ties in heather blue or red and pearl complete the collection, adding a classic but laidback touch. And do not fear when summer weather brings showers, for the collection also offers mid-length, single-breasted raincoats in navy, red, or white in a mini-tartan pattern.

If John Malkovich’s fashion venture has a very European flair, it’s because he’s partnered with French designers Liliana and Francesco Ferri and produced between Hungary, Bulgaria, and Italy. But Mr. Malkovich’s own fashion sensibility wasn’t a sudden whim, but had its roots back in school when he took some costuming classes as part of his degree in theatre. As a real Renaissance man, John Malkovich has blended his varied talents effortlessly throughout his long career, and the TV ads aired during the Super Bowl are a testimony of this cohesion. With the help of the creative team of Squarespace, who produced the TV ads, the highly sophisticated short clips embody all of Mr. Malkovich’s persona. Set in his atelier, the actor demonstrates his legendary acting chops among his menswear creations with a witty elegance that personifies the unique John Malkovich style.

Illustration: Stefano Imbert
Illustration: Stefano Imbert
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