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Discover Claan Grooming

British luxury grooming brand; Claan, have established a masterclass in men’s beard care. Having searched for the ultimate and memorable, Claan has given birth to an exquisite opening collection of beard care products, aimed at men who pay close attention to detail when it comes to beard maintenance.

Putting quality above anything else in their collection; Claan have partnered with select artisan craftsmen, working closely on alchemy, blending of fragrances and using the purest natural oils. Thus, creating a collection of not only the finest elixirs but have also embodied them with alluring depth and soul.

Balanced with conditioning power and subtle fragrances of masculine tones that evolve over time and lasting all day. They're packed with natural oils and skin-nourishing vitamins, delivering a non-greasy, perfectly balanced oil for beards - but also light enough for stubble, repairing and maintaining healthy skin and hair. So, whilst nourishing your beard, Claan will leave you skin underneath moisturised too. The luxury grooming brand's beard oils come in 50ml bottles, with complimenting products of Ox horn hand-crafted pure bristle beard brush and trimming scissors with facecloth.

Beautifully packaged, Claan shows care from start to finish with added sophistication evident in their fresh product packaging of copper, grey and black. Order from their sleek webstore and you'll receive the products with passion and mindfulness. Exciting future additions to their debut collection will include a natural beard wash and Virtue and Bloodline scented balms as well as a travel bag and gift boxes perfect for gift giving. Seeking more than most beard care products can provide, Claan were inspired to find and create the most exclusive products themselves; the ultimate range for the nonchalant man to the aficionados. 

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