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The World’s Best Kept BestSecret

Launched in 2007 initially for the German market, BestSecret is one of Europe’s most exclusive shopping-community clubs offering its members insider access to over 3000 of the best brands and designers. All 30,000 items within the store are discounted by up to 80% including those sourced from several current collections. Since its inception the BestSecret olive branch has now stretched out beyond Germany to Austria, Switzerland, UK, Sweden and France.

A staggering 500 new products are added across the whole store every day at midnight, which boast a breadth of brands that range from high street to luxury, with items available for dispatch immediately and will usually be shipped the next working day.

To become a member of BestSecret you usually have to be invited by another member. However, MenswearStyle was given exclusive access to see behind the closed doors where members are rewarded with benefits and discounts the more they shop and the more they recommend the website to others.

My first go-to place on any new site is the blog or journal as it's normally a good indication on how current the site is. The content was current and well presented, so that was the first box ticked. Next stop; the designer's section - time to open up the Christmas cracker - I punched the name of one of my favourite brands, Scotch & Soda into the search tab. Nothing. Oh well, it was a long shot I thought. Only when I had a rake through the brands under the letter 'S', (I counted 52, which boasts the likes of Superdry, Superga) did I find my beloved Scotch & Soda. Of course, I had spelt it wrong in the search tab.

Only last week I was in Amsterdam, the birthplace of Scotch & Soda lasciviously longing for some extra items that the budget wouldn't allow for. It felt like the heavens had opened when I clicked through their shop on BestSecret, not just a couple of bits, but a very extensive range. Blazers, shorts, sweats, accessories, tees, knits. Scrolls and scrolls and pages of the stuff, all heavily discounted. I could have done a Dale Winton-esque supermarket sweep right there, but composed myself, made a brew and combed my way through the rest of the website sensibly.

Impressively BestSecret not only has a welter of marquee brands like Jack & Jones, Levi's, and Moncler, but it also introduced me to less luxury brands that ashamedly, I hadn't heard of. Maybe I am the last person on earth to have heard of Spikes & Sparrow? Knowledge Cotton Apparel? Freaky Nation? I imagine so. My point being there is a plentiful amount of brands to have a nose around in, with very persuasive prices. In fact, it's the kind of website you could easily lose yourself in for a couple of hours.

We've curated our very own shopping category with all the top picks from MenswearStyle's Lifestyle Editor Peter Brooker. Be sure to sign up to BestSecret using our exclusive invite link here and browse our favourites.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own Menswear Style Podcast. His new book 'From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films' is available now.

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