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Summer Style for the Great Outdoors

In Britain, we’re always trying to find more ways to get outside and participate in some light exercise. When it comes to the summer months, we like to be able to enjoy a fishing trip with the lads, or a simple hike up a (small) mountain somewhere. However, we can rely on our British weather to be predictably unpredictable, so we’ve come up with some men's outdoor clothing that you need to take to ensure you have the best hiking trip whilst always staying safe.

Take layers  

Layers are your friend. Too hot? You can take them all off and be left in a T-Shirt. Too cold? You’ll always have more clothes to put back on. There’s nothing worse than being too cold, especially if you get lost and wind up unexpectedly stranded. If you are walking uphill, you’ll be amazed how much the temperature can change in just one hour. So, take lots of layers and you’ll always be a good temperature.


Invest in a waterproof backpack  

What’s the point in using a backpack to store clothes if it isn’t waterproof?! Protect your gadgets, your clothes and your sandwiches from getting soaked through. If you fall in a river somewhere, you’ll be glad of your waterproof backpack, which will be holding your extra layers of dry clothing to change into. 

Buy a solid pair of walking boots 

Walking boots can be expensive, but it’s well worth investing in a pair from Chums, whose prices are better than average. You need some boots that protect your feet from mud and water, that will let your feet breathe, and are really comfortable to avoid blisters and any other unpleasant feelings.

Oliver Sweeney
Oliver Sweeney

Pack a first aid kit  

A first aid kit should always go at the top of your bag, or in a specific side pocket, so it’s always easy to access and not buried at the bottom in an emergency. It doesn’t need to be a big first aid kit, but you should always have the basics on you. Sun cream is a must, as are plasters, paracetamol and bug spray. Matches might also be handy to keep in here, in case you need to access them easily (for toasting marshmallows in an evening, obviously)

Take a waterproof jacket and trousers 

Yes, more waterproofs, but we definitely need them in this country. Waterproof trousers usually fit over the clothes you’re wearing, so you can even wear shorts underneath them if it’s still quite warm. 

Do you have any extra tips that can be added to our list? We’d love to hear them, so leave us a comment.

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