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Quick Guide to Men's Wax Jackets

Previously made for a purpose, waxed cotton was designed for fishermen to use so their clothes wouldn't be ruined and they would stay dry. However, over the years they have stuck around and have since become a staple in a man's wardrobe. Not only for their practicalities but also the fact they’re versatile and easy to wear day-to-day. So, whether you want to wear it early spring or during the autumns here is how you can incorporate one into your everyday wear. Not only are they durable, they offer a number of pockets which is useful for carrying and protecting all your personal belongings as well as a place to keep your hands warm. They’re usually neutral in colour which makes them all the more versatile and adaptable.

There are varied types of wax jackets available to buy, for example lightweight jackets are great for layering and are considered 'all weather' with wind and water protection. Furthermore wax jackets are especially dry because the outer is treated with wax that in turn binds the threads together which essentially works as a protective shell against rain. Here's a quick list of the key styles of the best waxed jackets on the market today.

Oil Skin Jacket 

Also known as a fisherman’s coat the oil skin jacket has a wider double breasted front and will most likely have a hood too. These are the heaviest of wax jackets which proves to be the most durable and reliable of them all on stormy rainy days. The style is best teamed with casual looks since the oil skin jacket works best styled for practical wear without losing aesthetics. 

Hunting Jacket 

The clue is in the name for this one. This jacket was originally used by men whilst out hunting. Due to this the hunting jacket has a vent at the back to make it easier whilst riding a horse. Also, for movement and comfort they feature a turned down collar, commonly in brown corduroy. Arguably a hunting jacket looks great over a wool suit with suede loafers as it does over jeans and heavy duty boots.


Field Jacket

This is the military style of the wax jacket. It also features the most utility, with large front pockets and a belt which helps to keep the shape neat and tidy when you're active in the great outdoors. Styling a field jacket can look great over dark wash jeans, leather boots and a casual sweater or button-down shirt. Throw in a Donegal Tweed flat cap if you want to add a little more texture and dimension. 

Moto Jacket  

Lastly, the moto wax jacket which is probably the most wearable style in this guide because its waist length and features a mandarin collar that sits nicely over shirts as well as casually. This jacket often features buttoned cuffs which again can be styled with both smarter outfits or also more leisurely casualwear.


A big tip for anyone looking to buy a wax jacket; it’s important to take care of your jacket with a few simple steps. You can prolong its longevity fairly easy by getting it re-waxed or simply doing it yourself (see video below for a quick guide). All you need is some softly heated wax and gently rub this onto the cloth and let it set for a few hours. Aside from needing a re-wax occasionally the jacket needs very little maintenance. However, it is important to note, do not get it dry cleaned. Instead, use cool water and a wet cloth to remove any stains.

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