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Filippo Loreti Limited Edition Collection

Filippo Loreti is an emerging luxury watch brand that crafts Italian-style watches for people who appreciate luxury styling and craftsmanship, but don’t see the sense in spending £1,000 or even more on a luxury watch. Some people believe that if a watch isn’t from the right brand or didn’t have a steep enough price tag, then it cannot be considered a valid form of luxury self-expression. Watch brands like Filippo Loreti, however, are challenging that stereotype. The beauty and quality of their luxury timepieces and their affordable prices make a strong argument.

The brand’s first big break was when they raised close to £4 million on Kickstarter for their second watch collection, breaking Kickstarter’s record for most-funded watch campaign. Their current campaign raised more than £530,000 in its first day. They’re making waves, and collectors and first-time buyers have started to grow curious.

Co-founder and lead designer Danielius Jakutis says that the idea to create a watch brand came when he and his brother were shopping for nice watches. They were shocked by the ridiculous markups, which were sometimes as high as 4,000%. The Jakutis brothers wanted to see if they could create a brand that could deliver the quality craftsmanship and beauty of luxury watches at accessible prices. Filippo Loreti has launched a new Kickstarter and a new line of watches, some of which will be available in time for Christmas, so we decided to take a look at their existing offerings to get some idea of the sort of quality we can expect from them. The watches we're looking at right now are limited edition and each watch from this collection was released in a limited edition of 1,641, and some of those models have already sold out.

We're perfectly aware that, from a practical standpoint, a watch has lost importance as a tool used to keep track of time. It’s only marginally easier to check your watch than it is to pull out your smartphone. However, that’s not the point. Watches are one of the greatest and most tasteful ways for men to accessorise their outfits, and they’re great conversation starters for other enthusiasts also interested in the design principles and craftsmanship that go into a quality timepiece. We're fans of modern smart-casual urban menswear with a flair of luxury. We dig slim suit jackets, but we can wear them with jeans or trousers. We keep things interesting, and that’s especially true when it comes to our watches here at MenswearStyle. We own pieces by Fossil, Michael Kors, and even a Rolex, but some watches from Filippo Loreti will definitely be joining our lineup. After experiencing some of their watches, it’s become clear: Filippo Loreti offers a unique blend of elegant design and dependable craftsmanship at incredible prices that make luxury watches more accessible.

We got my hands on a few Filippo Loreti watches for a review. Though they are, first and foremost, stylish luxury accessories, we put them through the rigours of daily wear. We wore them to work, to nights out, while washing dishes, while shaving, and even accidentally wore it in the shower once (the watch was fine, but we suggest not showering with them so you don’t damage the Italian leather strap). These watches are just as beautiful now as when we took them out of the box. With that, here’s what we think of the models we got: 

Venice Rose Gold Blue

Modern luxury and classic art have found a home in this Venice watch. This, the Venice Rose Gold Blue, is one of Filippo Loreti’s boldest and most visually striking watches. Few classic watchmakers choose to pursue this colour combination, and fewer still pull it off with as much class as this. With a rich cobalt blue dial and leather straps, this one really stood out to us, and it definitely catches your eye when you wear it. As a quartz, this one’s a bit slimmer and smaller than the automatic. If you like to turn heads and make your outfit unforgettable, you can do no better than the Venice Rose Gold Blue.

Venice Black Gold Automatic 

The Venice Black Gold Automatic is dripping with sleek elegance. Despite the matte black case, the bold gold indices and hands make this one of Filippo Loreti’s most easy-to-read timepieces. Unlike most of their Venice models, this one comes with a smooth leather band. Indeed, it looks as smooth as the leather feels on your skin, as they use hand-made Italian leather in their straps. Black never goes out of style, and the combination of style, comfort, quality craftsmanship, and sartorial versatility make this watch a very smart piece.

Rome Blue Gold 

Filippo Loreti have mastered their signature bold blue colouring, as is shown in this unforgettable timepiece. The entire Rome Series has an elegant and refined air to it, and the strong contrast of blue coated steel and yellow gold on the dial is bound to draw attention. Though it seems like a simple dial at first glance, the geometric patterns and the substantial, curved leaf hands give it a rich and luxurious appearance. This one really shows Filippo Loreti’s attention to detail.

Milano Black Red Automatic  

Filippo Loreti says that their Milano series was created to evoke the more entrepreneurial and fast-moving spirit of Milan, and this watch has that in spades. The lines and circles radiating out from the centre, designed to echo the Galleria di Vittorio Emanuele II in Milan, give the watch an analytical and architectural feel, like an engineer’s schematic. Given this timepiece’s intriguing technical appearance, it’s worth mentioning that it is an automatic mechanical watch. Wearing an automatic is a clear statement that you value the painstaking engineering and ingenuity that goes into the production of a classical mechanical watch like the Milano black Red Automatic. The black and red colour scheme gives this watch a real mean streak, which is what really caught our eye in the first place. Definitely a bold and distinctive look from the Filippo Loreti collection.

To find out more about Filippo Loreti, check out their website or see other people wearing their watches on Instagram.

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