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The Fragrances That Will Change Your Game Entirely

Amidst all the commercial hubbub of today’s world, the term ‘Artisan’ is thrown around almost as liberally as a 2 for 1 offer. Artisan coffee, bread, shoes… you get the gist! But, when it comes to perfumes - thankfully - the word still bears some resonance. Fortunately for you, our reader, we’ve been on the hunt to sniff out the most unique creations that will not only inspire a new charisma, but will change your dating game entirely! Here’s the smelly stuff that we’re highly recommending:

1. Ambra Aurea- PROFVMVM ROMA 

The perfume house that turned down Liberty surely takes the cake for the most artisan scent out there. Available from only three dealers in the UK, a bottle from the Italian perfume house PROFVMVM ROMA delivers sheer aromatic delight every time. At just shy of £200, sold exclusively in its classic design one-size 100ml bottle, this little investment has a lot to live up to. And boy does it! While most perfumes have a concentration of precious notes around 6-10%, the scents produced by PROFVMVM have a concentration of no less than 43% in a 100ml bottle. The result? A perfume that lasts over 24 hours on the skin and retains its olfactory structure throughout its wear. Their scents are not directed towards men or women and instead are playfully androgynous. Perfumers recommend no more than two sprays of this before leaving the house, as its highly oily consistency needs time to absorb into the skin and is overpowering if worn in excess. It’s also important that the fragrance is directed to pulse points, as the warmth will help give the scent its magical pheromonic quality. The perfume house has crafted an array of spectacularly evocative scents, but for a night to remember, we recommend Ambra Aurea. A dizzyingly sensual scent that is velvety on the skin and pure luxury on the senses. Ambra Aurea is anything but sweet. Its warm amber undertones make it sophisticated and classic, while the powdery musk aspect adds a truly modern twist to a timeless fragrance.

Photo: SOTD Club
Photo: SOTD Club

2. Le Cèdre - Miller Harris 

The luxury London perfume house, Miller Harris, creates its perfumes in Grasse in conjunction with Robertet - the global leader for using raw materials in perfumes. Its founder, Lyn Harris, trained for five years in Paris as a perfumer. Lyn has made it her mission to create a personal journey for the wearer of each perfume by using the highest quality raw ingredients to create one-of-a-kind fragrances. With base notes of silky musk and black orchid this unisex cologne has an elegant masculine aroma with the power to completely seduce those in the company of its wearer. The musky cedar notes have a prevalent heady aroma that will leave your lover with the confounding desire to wear this scent while also associating it with their attraction to you. The balance of black orchid and cedar creates a clean aroma that is cut through with playful spice and just a hint of black pepper. ‘A spicy tale of cedar wood and black orchid’ this scent is mysterious and intriguing as it develops on the skin of its wearer. The deep base notes of musk cedarwood take on an entirely different characters depending on the natural aroma of one’s skin. Le Cèdre is the perfect scent for a little first date experimentation.

Miller Harris
Miller Harris

3. Agrumi - Farmacia SS. Annunziata  

Farmacia SS. Annunziata was established in 1561 and the family of pharmacists have been creating perfumes and luxury cosmetics ever since. So if timeless is your taste, this is the artisan perfumery for you. Farmacia SS. Annunziata was founded in Florence towards the end of the Italian Renaissance and everything about these perfumes, from the family members running it, to the bottles its kept in is evocative of the era. The family has worked tirelessly to ensure that the original formulas of the perfume have been preserved. Using only the finest raw materials and carefully selected new technologies, they’ve developed these scents in line with their Florentine origins. Our favourite is the Argumi scent. With top notes of lemon and bergamot the fragrance is both energising and refreshing. The base note of musk gives the fragrance a slightly more sultry aspect but a hint of eucalyptus balances the base note leaving a fresh silky musk that just oozes confidence. In a clean cut glass bottle with the classic embossing of the perfume house crest, it is the ideal purchase for a man who puts his trust in the test of time.

Farmacia SS. Annunziata
Farmacia SS. Annunziata

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