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6 Reasons Why You Should Add HIIT to Your Workout

What is HIIT? If you weren't aware, high-intensity interval training has been a craze for some time now. The idea is that you alternate between high-intensity exercise and low-intensity exercise in a short period of time. Does it work? Well, if you are in any doubt as to whether HIIT should be an essential part of your training regime, here are some factors that might just convince you otherwise.

It's a real-time saver

If time is a barrier for you when committing to a workout or finding a way to fit the gym into your busy schedule, then HIIT is a real-time saver. Workouts can range from as little as just a few minutes to a maximum of 30 minutes. Within this time, you can easily burn as many calories than a moderate hour-long cardio session. If you’re pressed for time, a HIIT workout allows you to commit to a solid workout regime without feeling like you're having to squeeze it into an already packed schedule.

It boosts metabolism & improves stamina

Regular doses of high-intensity interval training increase your physical energy and helps boost your metabolism because it stimulates your human growth hormones. If you’re looking to lose weight this is a great and effective way of burning through the calories by speeding up your metabolic system.  

You can do it anywhere

The beauty of this craze is that you don’t need equipment to do it. Not everyone can get to the gym or have the time to fit it into their schedule. You can get a great HIIT workout in the comfort of your own home. Body weight exercises such as mountain climbers, burpees and squats are all good ways of raising your heart rate and ensuring you get the most from your workout.

You'll stay youthful

The health benefits of HIIT are simply enough to give this a try. Studies have shown that while strength training built muscle mass, HIIT provided benefits on a cellular level. Physical activity can reduce inflammation in your body and improve heart health which is key to staying young beyond your years. Incorporating a HIIT workout into your routine is the anti-ageing benefit to help keep you young. To boost your HIIT results you can choose between C4 Original vs Sport as your pre-workout supplement. 

You'll Keep the muscle but burn fat

A combined HIIT workout allows dieters to preserve hard-earned muscles while ensuring most of the weight loss comes from fat stores. Unlike regular cardio, HIIIT can not only prevent muscle loss but actually promote muscle growth. Post workout recovery also continues to burn calories to repair your muscles, even if you’re exercising for a short period of time.

It's a challenge that's worth it

If you’re tired of your usual training regime and need to switch it up, then high intensity interval training is the way forward. Due to its restricted time frame you will be working hard for the duration of your workout. It’s a new challenge that will test your athletic ability and is a quick way to see results. You may be in pain at first but as you gradually develop momentum you definitely won’t be bored!

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