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How to Pick An Engagement Ring That Matches Her Style

Well guys, you’ve found someone to love you unconditionally for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer (for even poorer if you don’t get the engagement ring right). Next up, it’s time to maintain steady eye contact as you nervously ask the future father in law for her hand in marriage. Once that’s out of the way (breathe a huge sigh of relief) you can start planning the proposal and buying the engagement ring that’s going to earn you those brownie points. Did you know on average it takes men approximately 3 months to take the plunge and buy the ring, that’s on top of 4.8 months research time.

It’s no wonder most guys feel overwhelmed with the choices available. Get it wrong and you’re in the dog house, get it right and you’re the shining white knight. Since 86% of women think the ring’s overall design is the most important attribute, most men worry about getting it terribly wrong – alongside spending too much, and really fear being screwed over. The good news is you’re not one of those guys, are you? Instead you are going to be laser focused on choosing the right ring.

Remember, your girlfriend will be showing off the ring to friends, family and work colleagues - so if you want to increase your chances of success - follow these steps below. The first thing to do before you even consider the diamond (and the amount of your salary you’re willing to spend) is focus on choosing her ring style. And to gauge your partners ring style, you need to consider her personality type. Ask yourself this; Is she an introvert or an extrovert? Would she prefer big and bling - or small and dainty? On a scale of 'Introvert to Extrovert' which phrase best describes your girlfriend’s style? 

1. Understated and unfussy 
2. Contemporary and chic
3. Classically pretty 
4. Girly and glam

Understated and Unfussy - Think single diamond solitaire. If she's understated and unfussy then simple solitaire designs are perfect for her. "Jewellery Introvert" gorgeous, single-stone styles and effortless bands will appeal to her love of simple, beautiful things. She may wear a single necklace or a simple watch and bracelet. She certainly won’t have any flamboyant frills or rouge ruffles in her wardrobe and she's not 'bling'.

Contemporary and Chic - Think platinum three stone rings. Is she classy and sophisticated, but more-glam than the simple solitaire? Then think platinum three stone rings. She's comfortable wearing more than once piece of jewellery at a time (necklaces and bracelet stacks), she appreciates luxury but isn't showy (think more Victoria Beckham style than Beverly Hills). A sophisticated bag and lux blazer would be her dream go-to.  

Classically pretty - Think rose gold, and diamond set bands. If your girl is classic and feminine, vintage-inspired designs in rose gold, with nostalgic touches like twined diamond-set bands will have her heart. She'll have pink pieces in her wardrobe and is more Blake Lively than Victoria Beckham. Proposing to her with a stunning and dainty rose gold ring would be her dream.

Girly and Glam - Unapologetically big rings will have her heart. If she's girly and glam, blinging rings with haloes of small diamonds - or one big central show-stopper will have her heart. She appreciates luxury and all-things beautiful (and expensive) and she's great in the spotlight.

Go Bespoke

You now know her style-personality, now why not get that one shining ring she'll adore forever just perfect. Is she practical - or hands on? Going bespoke means, you can dictate to a jeweller you don't want a ring to sit too high on the finger or catching on things. You can specify details like "She'd love a 'bigger ring than i can afford", In which you you could opt for small diamonds encased in a halo design for extra 'wow' factor at minimal extra cost. If you'd like help on how to buy a bespoke diamond ring, or simply want to speak to an in-house diamond and wedding ring specialist, speak to Olivia. It might be that you're not sure where to start, or have seen a specific design or style that has caught your eye?

To book a private consultation with LIV at Hatton Garden, call 0207 404 4022 or email [email protected]


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