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The High and Tight Military-Inspired Haircut

The Bluebeards Revenge has teamed up with award-winning barber and founder of The Lions Barber Collective charity, Tom Chapman, to help young men recreate the high and tight military hair style. Much like buzzcuts, the ‘high and tight’ haircut is synonymous for it’s dominance during war times; in the trenches and in the air force. The style was designed to be manageable, hence its popularity amongst military men.

Now making a sweeping comeback atop many gentlemen; thanks to the likes of Tommy Shelby, you no longer need to be in the armed forces to excuse yourself for such a signature look. Classic features include high-faded sides, slightly longer at the top, for what is referred to by professionals as ‘high and tight’.

While the sides are commonly maintained incredibly short, for a clean cut, the style hasn’t always been so coherent. Versions have evolved thanks to modern barbering techniques and creative hands. Length is left on top for texture and versatility, resulting in a style that requires little maintenance. As you can imagine, in order to be disciplined enough to wake at sunrise each morning to greet your commanding officer, you wouldn't have much time to dedicate to styling your hair. Achieving this style requires a sharp eye for detail and precision. Start by washing the hair and towel drying; cutting clean hair allows for your barber to see how it naturally falls.

Keeping the top isolated, begin by removing the bulk of hair at the sides, to allow for a blank canvas for the high-fade. Working with the top, blend into the sides and back to create the desired length and texture for movement at the top. Now for the shape to take place; take a small amount of pomade to act as a pre-styling product; recommended by Tom himself is The Bluebeards Revenge Matt Clay. When lightly applied before blow drying, it results in a dimensional finish. Once the hair is dry, using clippers, your stylist can achieve the shortest grade while working through each grade to blend with the length at the top.

Using high quality trimmers, tidy up the edges around the neck and hair line for a sharp and fresh aesthetic. To finish, add a small amount of volumising powder and matt clay to hold into place. To achieve this look at home, once you’ve visited your barber repeat the final steps (minus the trimmer).

Rakelle Maurici

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