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MacGregor and MacDuff Bring a Touch of Scottish Style to Shoreditch

Established in 1979 in Glasgow, MacGregor and MacDuff is renowned for creating new classic designs using traditional kiltmaking skills and techniques passed down through generations of kiltmaking. With over 4,000 tartans and the Unique MacGregor and MacDuff Signature Collection, their beautifully woven distinct kilts and accessories are worn across the globe.

Scotland’s most innovative Highlandwear designers have launched their new Pop-Up shop in London in a bid to keep customers south of the border connected to their Scottish family roots. Following a successful year of kilt fittings in London during 2017, award winning Highlandwear specialists MacGregor and MacDuff last night launched their pop-up shop and kilt fitting service in Shoreditch which will remain open until March 18th.

The increasing trend of London gents looking for Scottish formalwear for weddings and special occasions has spiked in the past year and such demand prompted MacGregor and MacDuff to expand their fortnightly fitting service by introducing the new pop-up shop which is situated at 32 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch. Promising to provide an authentic Scottish kilt fitting experience in the heart of London, the pop-up showcases MacGregor and MacDuff’s high quality Scottish craftsmanship and beautifully woven distinct kilts and accessories which are worn across the globe, alongside their Exclusive Tartan Ranges and new Heritage Collection.

With over 4,000 tartans and the unique MacGregor and MacDuff Signature Collection to choose from, their designs are woven using artisanal skills passed down from generations of kiltmakers. On announcing the pop-up, MacGregor and MacDuff owner, Gerald Capaldi, said: “2017 was a fantastic year for MacGregor and MacDuff in London, with so many customers looking to connect with their Scottish heritage, we decided to extend our presence with our new and exclusive pop-up. We’re already preparing for another jam-packed year in 2018 and we’re excited for the opportunities our London pop-up will bring us.”

Post pop-up, MacGregor and MacDuff will continue to bring an exclusive, authentic Scottish kilt fitting experience to the heart of London with their fortnightly kilt-fitting service at the Courthouse Hotel Shoreditch. This exclusive service will bring Scottish style direct to the doorsteps of grooms, groomsmen and gents living in and around London.


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