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Introducing Nordgreen Watches

If you’re anything like us, Scandinavian minimalism is something that we have grown admiration for. From Finn Juhl, to Hans Wegner, the quiet Northern European region has produced a fine collection of designers and architects that have gone on to influence global design trends.

Jakob Wagner, a name that many of you may not have heard of, but one who’s work you will have no doubt come across, is a fine example of the brilliance that Scandinavia has produced. Having worked with the likes of Bang & Olufsen, Hay, Muuto and Stelton, his resume reads like a who’s who of the Scandi scene. His latest project, and the reason for this article today, is an unexpected collaboration with Copenhagen based watch brand, Nordgreen.co.uk. At first you may wonder why such a renowned designer has partnered with a start-up timepiece brand, but all is uncovered once we unveil their story.

Nordgreen, founded by two young Danish entrepreneurs, Pascar Sivam and Vasilij Brandt, otherwise known as Pas and Vas, like us grew up in awe of Scandinavian design. But they never understood why it was so expensive, making it inaccessible to most. The motivation to make a change, bringing the iconic design to the every day people, and their passion for watches led them to create an affordable range of minimalist watches which most people can get their hands on. Nordgreen is Scandinavian in more way than one, though. At the heart of the brand they hold the values that are carried by the people of Scandinavia. For every watch bought, a proportion of the sale will go to one of three causes of your choice: 

• To the preservation of 200 sqft of rainforest in Latin America

• Two months of education to a child in India 

• Two months of clean water for someone in The Central African Republic.

Now, what do these watches have to offer I hear you ask? Well, the range is made up of three models; The Philosopher, The Native, and The Infinity. Although they have their own unique features, and reasoning, they each share a stainless-steel case, a Japanese quartz movement, and are made by hand. Each model comes in rose gold and silver colourways, with The Philosopher also having a Gun Metal option. The watch straps are easy to adjust and fit, coming in a range of sizes and colours, all of which are interchangeable so that you can mix-and-match to your desire. The Native sports a beautifully classic design. Its rounded edges, clean dial, and subtle grey minute marks make it a perfectly timeless timepiece. The price tag starts at just £134 for a Nylon strap, which looks brilliant by the way, making it extremely affordable.

The Infinity has a unique concave white dial with long, delicate minute marks which glide up to the edges of the case. You can take your pick from a 32mm or 40mm case, the former being a size that is particularly popular amongst women, allowing it to intimately hug the wrist without being too intrusive. The Infinity does exactly this, exuberating elegance! As the saying goes, last but not least, The Philosopher is our favourite piece. The two-piece dial, and conical shaped case make for an eye-catching combination that will satisfy even the harshest of critics. While the centre-piece of the collection is slightly more expensive - with pricing starting at £154 depending on the strap combination - one wouldn’t be too far off naming it the best value for money timepiece on the market.

Whether you live in the heart of Asia, North America, Europe or the sweltering heat of the south Australian coast, you’ll be able to pick up one of the three models. Nordgreen has launched websites in 16 countries across the globe, tied together through a unique cross-border e-commerce approach. If you’re not in one of these 16 countries, not to worry, no doubt they will still ship to your country through an array of shipping destinations. So, if you’re looking for your next timepiece to add to your collection, would like value for money and a design which will accompany any occasion through dynamic colour and strap combinations, you need to check out Nordgreen watches this season. In a market which is quickly becoming overcrowded, their connectivity and relevance to modern society through their partnerships, and minimalist look, provide a shining light of clarity for the watch community.

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