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How to Ace the Men's Athleisure Trend

The modern athleisure trend is here to stay for another year, to the delight of many fashionistas around the world. The UK sportswear market is expected to increase by 8 percent to £2.5 billion this year, according to the latest figures from GlobalData. Who doesn’t love the idea of wearing comfortable clothing all day long, whilst simultaneously looking stylish and sophisticated?

What is Athleisure? 

Most men have heard of the athleisure trend, yet so many are unsure of what it is and how to pull it off. Athleisure is a way of dressing that combines sportswear with ‘ready-to-wear’ – it’s not just all about wearing gym clothes. The trend is perfect for those leading a busy lifestyle and constantly on the go as it blends practicality and functionality, whilst also looking effortlessly stylish. Today, athleisure is going from strength to strength. Sports luxe and athleisure styles are infiltrating weekend wardrobes around the world, with the seal of approval from some of the trendiest celebrities. Even top brands, such as Ted Baker, are leading the way with new, sophisticated and subtly sports-influenced collections. It’s no wonder the trend is set to continue its domination of the fashion world this year.

Key Athleisure Pieces 

When people think of athleisure, the first thing that comes to mind is a pair of trainers, but there are so many other pieces of clothing that can help to create the ‘athleisure’ look in your outfit. Bomber jackets, chinos, jumpers and polo shirts are great items for your wardrobe to incorporate athleisure into your daily outfits – not forgetting the all-important accessories, such as sports bags. 

Bomber Jackets: A bomber jacket is a fool-proof way to give an outfit a ‘sporty’ feel, without needing to wear the whole shebang. When it comes to picking the right bomber jacket for you, there are plenty of options to choose from, from sportswear inspired fabrics, such as neoprene, to more traditional styles and fabrics, such as suede or even leather.

Casual Trousers: When it comes to trousers, the ‘casual trouser’ is a great way to wear the athleisure trend. Casual chinos, which have a streetwear feel, and the more sports-inspired jogger pants are perfect for creating a fashionable sports-luxe look. Chinos look great with more sporty pieces, such as bomber jackets and nylon outerwear – not forgetting a pair of trainers to round the outfit off.  

Polo Shirts: In the 1930s, polo shirts revolutionised sportswear. As well as being a popular piece of sportswear, the shirt’s stylish design allowed players to feel both relaxed and elegant. Today, polo shirts are the perfect athleisure piece for day-to-day outfits as they can easily be partnered with chinos or jeans for a casual or stylish evening look. So, instead of using shirts strictly for sporting events, why not try wearing designer golf clothes, such as a polo shirt, the next time you head out to a restaurant, or night out with your friends?

Accessorise: Every stylish person knows that no outfit is complete without the right accessories. For the athleisure trend, a sports-inspired bag is the ideal sporty accessory, providing style and functionality. Don’t overlook the details either: features, such as branded webbing and contrast zips can add the perfect finishing touch to the sportswear-meets-streetwear trend.

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