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5 Summer Grooming Tips from Jack The Clipper

The heatwave is upon us and sharpening up for the summer is key to looking and feeling like a true gentleman. We turn to the expert barbers at Jack The Clipper to get their top tips to get you looking and feeling your best in the grooming department this summer season. 


Exfoliating should be in every man’s daily routine. This is the key to clean and healthy skin. As the temperatures soar, men sweat more, allowing our pores to clog up with impurities. Jack The Clipper recommends exfoliating every morning which will prevent congestion and improve hydration. Don’t forget to follow up with a hydrating SPF moisturiser too.

Look After Your Skin  

One of the main mistakes that men frequently encounter in the summer months is not taking care of their hair and skin. Your hair and skin will inevitably begin to dry out quicker as the temperature increases. Taking cooler showers is imperative to ensure essential oils are not being stripped away from your hair and skin. Make sure you're using a moisturiser daily and Jack also tells all his clients to remember to look after their beard too (Sandalwood Beard Oil). Let's not forget, the most attractive beards are soft, flake-free and fresh smelling.


Frequenting Your Barber 

Jack likes to think of all his clients as close friends and over the years he’s gotten to know them inside and out. Jack recommends that you should visit your Barber every three to four weeks, especially in the summer, due to our hair growing faster in these months. Frequenting your Barber allows them to understand your wants and needs to create the perfect look for you. And not to mention, discuss any latest trends you may be interested in.

Jack The Clipper
Jack The Clipper

Find the Correct Styling Tools  

Does the thought of flat and greasy hair appeal to you? As the temperature soars, ordinary gels and creams will inevitably melt in your hair leaving you sticky and greasy. Jack recommends using their Marti Pellow product, which is the perfect shaping clay providing you with a long-lasting matt hold - perfect for those hot summer months. Are you a man who sports a moustache and appreciates the finer details? Well, the hidden gem could be right under your nose (see what we did there). Tache Wax is perfect for ensuring your moustache is in perfect condition throughout the sizzling summer months. 

The Proper Shave 

One of the first mistakes many men make is not owning the correct razor. On average, men shave 2-3 times a week so investing in a good razor is the key to ensuring a closer and irritation-free shave. A safety razor allows you to have a smooth and sharp shave without the irritation, making this the perfect tool for your grooming routine. Now you have your perfect razor it’s time to prepare, and preparation is often where most men get it wrong. A hot towel is a perfect way to open your pores and soften the hairs, allowing for a closer, easier shave. Jack’s favourite preparation elixir is Penhaligon’s Beard & Shave Oil. Using Sunflower, Grape Seed and Wheat Germ softens the beard and hydrates your skin, preparing you for a smooth and successful shave. You have your perfect razor, you've prepared the skin and now it’s time for the real deal - the shave! make sure you shave in the direction of the hair growth, as this will prevent any excess irritation occurring during your shave.

Now that was a close shave! Follow Jack’s steps for the perfect shave and you’ll be in tip-top condition for the summer season, looking sharper than ever. If you’re feeling like a fine gentleman and would like to take your grooming to the next level, why not book yourself into Jack The Clipper's prestigious appointment only, Chamber 88 Lounge. Based in their flagship store in Bow Lane, this barbershop offers you an exemplary service from highly skilled Artisan Barbers.

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