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Bang on! How to Wear a Fringe

If you’re a little tired of sporting the same hairstyle instead of opting for something overly drastic, you can add texture and dimension with a fringe. A fringe can dramatically change your appearance, from hiding a large forehead to adding depth and structure to your face. However, before asking your stylist to get scissor-happy and start cutting a fringe into your hair there are a few variables to consider to maximise the best style for you.

Face Shapes 

If you have a wider face - either oval or rectangular - a longer fringe will work better on your face. You should also maintain a style that is shorter on the back and sides with a gradual fade, as this will help bring the most attention to the fringe. By adding length to the front of your hair it will give your face dimension as well as allow you to create more hair texture. A shorter fringe works better if you have a round face as it will create balance throughout, but you will need to also consider how this will look on your forehead too, so you can decide whether it is cut round or angular.

Hair Type 

In addition to length; hair type and texture is considerably important because it will determine how it falls and sits on your face. For example, if you have wavy or curly hair, choosing a longer style fringe will work better once styled. Moreover, there is no regularity, whilst some are well groomed and tidier, others are irregularly styled and fall just above the eyebrows or partially cover the eyes. If you have thinning hair, adding a layered fringe into your hairstyle will give the appearance of fuller hair and extra texture too.


When styling, make use of your girlfriend’s blow dryer and blast the hair dry first. Then take a round brush to give it a smoother finish and added volume. Particularly for curly hair, blow drying is a recommended styling option to keep it under control. Once it’s dry, work in a small amount of hair mousse to give it a little volume. For straighter hair, a wax will give good hold and help give definition to the fringe. However, it’s entirely up to you, if you choose a matte clay or glossy wax for example, both will give your hair varying finishes. Notably hair is naturally shiny so adding a matte wax will enable your fringe to stand out a little more. Start with a little product on your finger and thumb and work it through individual strands and add more if you need to (but remember, less is best when it comes to applying hair products).

We spoke to Liam Hamilton, Founder of Armour to Barber and ambassador for The Bluebeards Revenge, to find out what tips he would give to men wanting to style a fringe this summer: 

"I’ve witnessed the welcome return of the fringe in the barbershop this year and it’s certainly something I would recommend as it works fantastically well with either straight, wavy, or even curly hair. It’s easy to style and maintain and can look very trendy when done right. The best way to wear a fringe does, however, depend on your hair type, texture and of course the style you are going for. To style a straight or side-swept, angular fringe, you’ll need around three inches of hair in the front and you will need to ask your barber to cut your fringe at an angle for the latter. For the sides, I would suggest asking your barber for an undercut but any type of fade should work well, such as a high or low taper fade. Styling a fringe with curly hair is very straight forward and I would simply allow your curls to fall naturally in front. If you prefer the more textured look you will need to invest in some decent quality paste or wax and comb the hair forward."

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