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How to Make Solo Travel More Fulfilling

Most people don’t like the thought of travelling alone. Yet there are numerous benefits that come with travelling on your own. Travelling solo is one of the best ways to see the world. You are free to explore without worrying about other people, you move at your own pace, and you are free to spend your days however you like.

Going on an adventure on your own is also a great opportunity for you to make a difference. You are not limited to the usual tourist attractions. In fact, you can create an itinerary that includes a myriad of activities, from experiencing the high life in Bolivia to making meaningful connections at a yoga retreat in Bali - all of which are listed by The Telegraph as life-changing solo holidays you can do before the year ends. Here are a couple more things you can try to make your solo trips more fulfilling:

Go beyond your comfort zone 

If you don’t normally climb mountains or go on hikes, booking a solo adventure may just prove to be a great opportunity for you to try it for the first time. Push yourself beyond your limits and try something new for a change. Life Hack note that if you move outside of your comfort zone, you will start to feel more confident about yourself, you will see yourself in a different way, and you may even develop a new skill.

Join local events 

Nothing makes solo travel more interesting than getting to know people from all walks of life. There is no better way to mingle with the locals than to join in with their everyday activities or help out in various communities. iNews made a list of fulfilling holiday experiences you can try, like joining environmental projects or volunteering your skills in non-profit organisations. You can also take part in physical activities that don’t cost much e.g. marathons and fun events. All cities will have some event, in one form or another, that you can take part in, even here in the UK. Save the Children provide details on the Royal Parks Half Marathon that goes through four of London’s famous green spaces. These activities are great for meeting lots of new people, and you will also be contributing to the country you are visiting. Whether you are travelling locally or abroad check ahead to see if there are any physical events you can join.

Don’t be afraid of your limits 

Here on MenswearStyle we believe you can still go on a fulfilling solo holiday even if you’re on a budget or if you don’t have much time to plan. Often a spontaneous holiday can be the most fun, exciting and fulfilling since they will make you work harder compared to having everything planned months in advance.

Be more open-minded 

You will always be afraid of the unfamiliar if you keep your mind closed when it comes to trying out new things or doing something you wouldn’t normally do. Very much like going beyond your comfort zone, keeping an open mind removes you from the confines of what you’ve been used to, and gives you the chance to expand your horizon and broaden your mind.

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