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How to Select the Best Clothes for Hiking

When gearing up for a hike, you must pack the right equipment. You should have your maps, a sturdy backpack, water bottles and other essential gear. In addition to packing the right equipment, it is critical to wear the right clothes. Otherwise, your hiking trip might turn into a bizarre experience. In order to wear the right clothes for hiking, it is essential to know the kind of trail you will be on, what the weather will be and how long you will be hiking for. So before selecting the clothes, consider these factors:

The Right Material 

The clothes that are right for hiking are made of synthetic materials. The reason is that synthetic materials don’t get wet easily when you push yourself hard and sweat more. You may think that you should wear that stylish cotton tee to maintain your look, but it would be a poor choice. Cotton traps moisture and sweat which means you’ll stay wet for longer. You will not only feel uncomfortable, but also get the chills because temperature drops at higher grounds.


Shorts or Trousers? 

You can wear either shorts or trousers when going hiking. Shorts are cooler and give you more freedom than trousers. Shorts would be ideal if you are planning to hike during summer months on low-attitudes. You should wear trousers if you are going on a hike during winter months or hiking at higher-trails and expect the temperature to drop. The temperature drops at higher elevation. So, don’t make the mistake of wearing shorts if you are going on a high-attitude hike in summer. The trousers you wear should be made of quick-drying fabrics like nylon. Blacks offers both of these options for hiking. Use Blacks promo codes for October 2018 to get yourself a deal.


Hiking Boots  

You can select hiking boots depending on the kind of trail you plan to go on. While selecting hiking boots, make sure that your footwear is comfortable, durable and right for the conditions. For muddy or wet trails, boots with waterproof materials should be considered as they protect your feet from getting wet. For rocky trails, select high ankle hiking boots for more support. 


Rain Gear 

Don’t leave for a hike without a rain jacket, even if the sky is clear. The weather can take a turn for the worst anytime, so you should be prepared with a good waterproof rain jacket. You can consider jackets that come with advanced technology to keep sweat out without letting any moisture in. By wearing the right clothes for hiking, you can stay comfortable and focus on your journey to have a great time.



Use a hat to ensure that the harmful sun rays don’t hit your face directly. If rain is on the horizon, consider wearing a waterproof beanie hat or mountain hat depending on the temperature. We would recommend having both options with you.


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