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Introducing the Tusenö Blackwater

Tusenö has created a limited edition of only 300 pieces, produced in benefit for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society, where part of the profit will contribute to SSRS’s important work on Swedish sea and lakes. That's the answer to how a dive watch can save your life. But that’s not the only standout attribute of this timepiece; you also get a really fantastic looking wristwatch.

The Tusenö Blackwater watch represents a huge step up from the Swedish watchmaker’s First series of timepieces. Therefore the decision was made to create it together with one of the most reputable Swiss manufacturers was a crucial undertaking. Together with the Swiss manufacturers, Tusenö decided to use the reliable Sellita SW200-1 movement, which is an incredibly solid movement that’s slim enough to reach the profile they desired and a good choice in terms of both future proofing and servicing.

Design elements 

Now onto the design – imagine if you had a dive watch with an integrated bracelet that uses a case with a profile similar to an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. That would be pretty awesome. What if it was 40.5 mm in diameter, had a classic coin edge bezel and sapphire crystal? That would be quite epic right? Add those limited edition details such as SSRS’s logo on the dial and especially the engraved caseback and you have a timepiece that will be desired by any watch collector out there.

A true tool watch 

The Blackwater model from Tusenö was created to be a useful tool even when being used in the most risk filled operations. Keep in mind it’s a fantastic tribute to the Swedish Sea Rescue Society. As such, the first rate watchmaker came up with a timepiece that can handle not just a 300 metre depth, but also bitter cold and all sorts of rough terrains and extreme weather conditions. All this demands precision all the way from the drawing board to the final quality control and that’s exactly what you see in the finished Blackwater watch. As always Tusenö believes less is more and the Blackwater visibility is of real importance, so they made sure that the dial would be easily read both on land and in the darkness of the deep sea. No distractions just pure usability.

Limited edition 

Only 300 of the Blackwater pieces from Tusenö will be released so you’ll need to act quickly in order to secure one of your own – especially if you want to reserve a specific number. It’s not just one of the coolest looking, stealthiest watches on the market, but you can also get it at a discounted price during the pre-order period (if you manage to get one in time). The Blackwater is selling out fast with 200 already sold so there won’t be long left to get yours.

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