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3 Festive Footwear Looks for Party Season

There's not long to go now until the festive frivolities and no doubt your in-tray is thronged with Christmas Party invitations. There are many different facets to seasonal get-togethers, typically the taxonomy looks something similar to this; Office Xmas Party, Family Gathering or Xmas Get together, and New Year’s Eve. In this festive footwear themed article we'll be looking at the top three staple looks for party season, with close scrutiny on men’s party shoes.

Family Gathering/Xmas get together 

The Xmas get-together will demand more from the casual side of your wardrobe. Still it's not a time to drop your sartorial guard and slip mindlessly into novelty jumpers or cosseted onesies. A family reunion will often entail multiple outdoor adventures, traditional jaunts to the local pub, church or meandering dog walks around the neighbourhood. We'd recommend the Base London Reynold Washed tan lace-up boot that comes with all the trimmings. Its relaxed, practical and when teamed with an equable pair of blue mid-whale cords, can boast authority and masculinity. The style edit is complete with a standard navy faux-fur hooded parker and check shirt. Notice the subtlety in the hues of all the garments, drawing all the attention to the boot. The sleek combination of a tan coloured watch strap will also ameliorate this look.

New Year’s Eve 

How does one stand out amongst the cavalcade of party-goers come New Year’s Eve? Well we start from the ground up and when it comes to men’s party shoes, the Base London's Chime Hi Shine black slip-on loafer is a statement shoe from their Clockwork collection. Your well-heeled friends will be naturally drawn to the ornate tassel that adorns the high-quality leather uppers. It embodies class and exudes sophistication. Styled here with a flat-front deep navy chino with a low rise, a charcoal velvet suit jacket with jetted pockets, shawl collar and bruschetta pocket (very Tom Ford). The shirt is white cotton with an English spread collar, teamed with a knitted tie.

Xmas Office Party 

Perhaps the biggest date on the calendar. Sure, the family party is fun, loving and unique. Equally the New Year’s party is eagerly anticipated, but there is something quite magical about the Xmas Office party. It should be the party that either compounds everyone’s theory that you have a wardrobe to aspire to. Modelling the festive style edit for this feature is Menswear Blogger Sam Gray. Sam has delivered an elegant classic look; refined, redoubtable and one that can be easily attained. The wingtip brogue from Base London is an immediate standout. This brogue composed from sumptuous leather uppers, peppered with brogue detailing, sits on a durable slimline rubber sole that ensures a confident step upon arrival. The button two-show six, double breasted grey flannel suit is very in keeping with Savile Row trends. Sam has styled this over a darkened roll neck sweater which offers a relaxed, yet regal aesthetic. 

If you're thinking of what men's party shoes to wear for Christmas this year, then you'll be able to find an awesome selection over on the Base London website. Every pair comes with free delivery too.

Peter Brooker

Peter is a published author on men's style, a huge James Bond fanatic and the host of our very own Menswear Style Podcast. His new book 'From Tailors with Love: An Evolution of Menswear Through the Bond Films' is available now.

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