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Men’s Winter Sunglasses Trends for 2019

Sunglasses are no longer a signature style solely for spring and summer accompanied by swim shorts, sipping cold drinks and long hours of lounging and basking under the sun. So, regardless of the season and the weather outside, eyewear is a go-to versatile men's style accessory. The 2018/19 winter season has seen us through the eyewear evolution, with great preference being given to detail in shape and size. Rectangular shaped eyewear and the ultra-rounded with hints of eclectic style seems to have taken over the fashion industry.

In terms of colour, deep green, hot baby pink and neon took the lead. A vast varieties of brands have turned to this trend, especially diving into the depth of contrast. The display on the dragon sunglasses at great southern sunnies somehow resembles what we have seen on the 2018/19 runway editions.

Photo: Eeva Suutari
Photo: Eeva Suutari

Retro-futuristic goggles 

You thought goggle style looked ridiculous, but the winter season says it's perfect. These full-on goggle style polarised lenses are ideal for winter's harsh elements. This style demands confidence and will make you stand out in a stylish but unique way. 

Non-traditional shades 

Fashion has a way of bringing renewal and a sense of transformation into the limelight. For autumn and winter of 2018/19, the non-traditional awakening was exactly what fashion enthusiasts needed. This style throws you away from your own personal taste as well as from what has been known as the norm of eyewear. Brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci as well as Dries van Noten, took the style to a whole new level.

Photo: Jonathan Daniel Pryce
Photo: Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Forest green 

It was about time we deviate from the common shades of black and brown. This bold approach in eyewear brings out confidence with flexible aesthetic approaches. The isn't so much earthly or bohemian, but it holds a touch of warmth in a delicate way that goes a long way in making the wearer look elusive. 

Black and white sunglasses  

Let’s talk about two colours that are always in style. We can never get enough of the monochrome contrast and the way these two shades complement each other. There's a lot to say about the black and white style but let’s stick to how sleek they are and how some have a futuristic aura depending on the style.

Photo: Enrico Labriola
Photo: Enrico Labriola

Blinged-out shades 

Don’t we all love little hints of bling here and there? It's where summer meets winter; a little sunshine into the dull days. This trend is for the man who holds nothing back, and is not tamed by the weather. Because after all, a bit of rain shouldn't take away your style and sense of fashion.


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