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Why a Pocket Square Makes a Gentleman

This little accessory known as the pocket square is the perfect embellishment for sophistication, style and even a hint of quirkiness. Pocket squares have evolved over the past few decades or so, managing to transform into a fun and experimental item with purpose rather than serving as utilitarian accoutrement. It has also managed to maintain its synonymity with the old-world charm which means that you can easily pick one that is more traditional in nature. This little accessory is a fantastic way of experimenting, as well as adding a touch of colour to formal attire. We think the good old pocket square makes the man and here are a few reasons why we say that:

The Flourish 

In days gone by, the remarkable men in society usually donned head-turning accessories, whether the flashy helmets in the Viking culture, the wealthy noble earrings in the Renaissance-era or the colourful feather in a romantic cap. However, unless the job you have is really unique, you most likely cannot wear any of these said accessories to spice up your daily hustle outfit. Fortunately, a pocket square is something you can wear to add elegance and personality to your getup in a subtle way. It has the ability to completely transform that rather ordinary suit you keep wearing.


Low Cost and Availability 

Normally, the great fashion statements are also the most expensive. Luckily, that is not the case with the pocket square. The gentlemen with healthy bank accounts can seek out the designer options made with silk fabric, however, even the less well-off lad can still get some interesting patterns and fabrics in menswear stores that are a bit more affordable. Economical as well as eminently portable, this small accessory lets you make the decision of how much you want to display it depending on the fold you choose. Click here for a lesson on 52 easy ways to fold a pocket square.


Self Expression 

Almost everyone has their own preference in wearing clothes and sometimes, no matter how hard they try to be unique, they still end up looking like just another guy in the crowd. To make a bold fashion statement, that will help set you apart from the rest (obviously, not something that will result in your boss calling security on you), you should turn to the Pocket square. This formal accessory happens to be a fantastic way of being bold with your style while avoiding rocking too many boats. A pocket square accessory in any colour or blend of colours will help give that rather ordinary suit of yours a dash of uniqueness and personality. The pocket square may seem unusual to some these days, however, they are backed with sufficient historical credentials. The pocket square for a man who knows his own style, is a tool that is arguably among the most indispensable of them all. It can literally bring to life a lifeless outfit. Classic white is the most ideal for those starting out and want to try and play things safe, but your confidence will grow fast (trust us).

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