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8 Reasons to Holiday in Greece During Winter

Winter often makes everything seem a little bleaker than usual. The days are darker, the nights are longer, and every time you step out of the house, you face the possibility of having to defrost your car. At this time of year, summer feels like a distant memory, and you spend your days dreaming of relaxing on the beach under the sun… so why wait? Why not escape the stresses of day-to-day life, and treat yourself to a last-minute holiday? If you’re looking to get away this winter, then here are eight reasons why you should consider a holiday in Greece.

Escape the cold  

If you’re looking for a way to escape the winter chill, then a get-away to Greece is ideal to get a break from the wind, rain and snow! While the north of Greece might not be as warm in the winter as you might like, the south often enjoys a much milder climate, making it the perfect temperature for getting out there and exploring this beautiful country without getting frostbite (or sunburn for that matter). Not too hot, not too cold – the perfect climate to get the most out of your last-minute holiday.

Holiday in style  

While certain areas of Greece are more notable for the party lifestyle and tourist atmosphere, if you are looking for a little more luxury on your holiday, then there is no better place to be than in Greece. Not only can you find the best Greece Villa Holidays out there for the perfect accommodation, you can discover all the country has to offer. There are a variety of islands to choose from to spend your time; or, if you prefer something more accessible and a little less remote, there are a diverse range of cities across the mainland, each with something different to offer. 

Cut the costs 

During peak season, travelling is always more expensive, and holidays to Greece are often no exception. However, during the winter you are likely to find that everything from flights, to meals and nights out, are much more affordable, especially within the areas which are most popular during the summer holiday period. The reduced cost of activities also means that you can do more for your money, from island hopping and excursions to visiting famous landmarks, to splashing the extra cash on dinner and drinks in the city.

Gain a more authentic experience 

Greece has some of the most interesting and remarkable historical sites, as well as a rich culture and an intriguing mix of modern and traditional lifestyles; which is why, no matter whether you are travelling alone, with friends or with family, there is always something for everyone. Travelling off-peak means you aren’t forced to share your holiday experience with the thousands of tourists who bombard the beaches and towns each summer. Instead, you can enjoy Greece the way the locals do. Making the most of visiting famous archaeological sites without tourists photobombing your pictures, and relaxing in authentic Greek restaurants without having to fight for your space, will make your whole holiday experience so much more peaceful and enjoyable.  

Enjoy the peace of deserted beaches  

Greece is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world, something that you wouldn’t always notice when you have to fight for a clear patch of sand to put down your towel during the summer months. Travelling off-peak takes away that element of stress, and allows you to just kick back, relax and enjoy the sand and sea. Whether you like your beaches with all the amenities, such as sun beds and bars, or prefer smaller harbours with character, a rich history and a story to tell, the coasts of Greece will have everything you are looking for and more.

Get to know the locals 

The people of Greece are infamous for their friendly, hospitable nature and their kindness towards both friends and strangers alike! If you want to travel to a country where you know you will be welcomed with open arms, then Greece is definitely the place for you! The added bonus of having fewer tourists during the off-peak season means that you can really get to know the people who you meet along the way: whether it be your neighbours around the area where you are staying, or just the people that you meet while you are out exploring all that Greece has to offer. 

Experience the night life  

While Greece is great for some relaxation under the sun, the night-life has just as much to offer, so if you decide that Greece is the place for you, make sure to check and see what’s on in the local area around the time you are planning your trip. From local music to festivals, bars and clubs, Greece offers the perfect atmosphere to get you dancing until dawn. It doesn’t matter if you are someone who prefers a quiet drink in the evening, or if you are a night owl who doesn’t roll in until the early hours, as either way you are bound to find the right atmosphere for you.

Winter sporting activities  

While the height of the peak season might be the best time to do all of the usual summer sporting activities that you might expect to take part in when abroad, if you’d like to experience something a little different, then there are plenty of winter activities which you can participate in during your stay in Greece. If you’re looking to embrace the cold rather than outrun it, then there are great skiing resorts around the country where you can hit the slopes in style. If embracing the cold and snow isn’t your thing, then why not try rafting along one of the many rivers or hiking around the beautiful countryside and mountain regions.

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