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10 Simple Hair Hacks to Remedy Hair Loss

Hair loss is considered one of the most worldwide problems that most men face at one point. As per research, one-third of the world population has fallen prey to it. Strangely enough, everyone is deprived of 100 hairs each day because it's a natural phenomenon. Hair loss causes include: poor diet, mineral deficiency, medication, mental stress, pollution and genetics, regularly putting on a cap, hat or helmet, and finally Dandruff. Here’s some hair hacks using simple home remedies.

1. Find out the real root cause  

The causes of hair loss are innumerable as mentioned above, so it's not easy to find out its root cause. It needs the correct diagnosis to treat this problem. You can simply find the prominent areas and monitor how much hair loss happens when combing or using shampoo.


2. Use a wooden wide-tooth comb  

It can be somewhat beneficial if you use the right kind of comb when facing hair loss problem. Sometimes, your hair gets tangled and you should use a wooden wide-tooth comb to untangle your hair to avoid pulling out hair. It is also not advised to comb your hair when wet, because it increases the chances of breakage. It is also very important to clean your combs and brushes on a weekly basis. It's a proven fact that cleaning your comb helps you adopt necessary precaution for hair loss control. 

3. Vitamin A 

Vitamin A repairs your damaged hair and is compulsory for your cell growth. Vitamin A deficiency causes hair fall, so it is essential for hair growth as well. It helps hair grow fast but overusing it causes the opposite, so be careful not to overuse.  

4. Vitamin C 

Packed with Iron, this vitamin helps because an iron deficiency can bring about hair fall. Vitamin C strengthens the roots of our hair and it helps hair to grow long and silky. Citric fruits, such as orange, sweet limes, lemons, and green vegetables like spinach and broccoli are the powerhouse of Vitamin C.

5. Vitamin B7 

Vitamin B7 or Biotin is indispensable for the health and thickness of your hair. Walnuts and lentils are both packed with biotin, which is mandatory for the growth of our hair. 

6. Specialist shampoo 

Some shampoos are filled with active ingredients like biotin and keratin, which aims to help the body promote their own ability for hair growth. Shampoos are considerably helpful in Men’s Treatments for hair loss. Always keep in mind you should avoid using certain hair conditioners which cause damage to your hair. 

7. Avoid bleaching your hair 

Some chemicals for hair treatment cause sudden and irreparable damage to hair follicles. Dyes, highlights, peroxide treatments and perms, all are detrimental to the growth of hair.


8. Healthy balanced diet 

Inadequate and impure intake of nutrients and eating an unhealthy and unbalanced diet can lead to dehydration of the scalp. This can trigger hair fall in men comparatively. 

9. Natural treatments 

The kitchen is full of natural ingredients which can help you strengthen your hair and save them from falling. Ingredients such as coconut oil, onion, ginger and tamarind are the powerhouse of nutrients which have amazing properties. All these natural remedies are a great help for hair loss in men.  

10. Stay away from stress  

It is needless to say how much stress can contribute to men losing their hair. Physical exercises like yoga and jogging play a very important role in reducing stress which leads to hair loss.

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