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Understanding Finasteride & Minoxidil for Hair Loss

The images of healthy looking men sporting a full head of shiny, bouncy, vibrant hair can bring some men to despair. There are many men who know that good looks aren’t a fixed standard but that just like with women, looking good requires some effort. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about hair loss, these days there are many online pharmacies which you can consult with who offer advice based on your personal condition. Always make sure you are dealing with a regulated pharmacist; this can easily be verified by visiting the General Pharmaceutical Council website. Oxford Online Pharmacy is an example of reputable and registered online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies can advise you on the type of hair loss condition you have and inform you of the possible products that can be of benefit to your situation. This could be something as simple as a specialised shampoo/conditioner which has hair tonics with bodybuilding ingredients such as lecithin and citric acid. They can advise you on which will work to set the right pH balance for clean, glossy, healthy hair. These online pharmacies also stock supplements geared towards building up weakened hair and scalp. For more aggressive hair loss there are two popular solutions which can be prescribed dependant on your personal case.

Finasteride – Gets to the Root of Hair Loss 

Apart from wonderful hair products like this, Finasteride 1mg gets more to the root of the problem as it’s a tablet which you take orally to treat baldness. It can stop hair loss, but it can also help men to grow their hair back. Finasteride is successfully used as a hair loss treatment programme, stopping testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone. This is a male androgen which is linked to balding. Finasteride reduces the amount of DHT present in the scalp, and when you buy Finasteride, just 1mg is sufficient to reduce the amount of DHT in the scalp. There are many guys who are experiencing problems with their looks and they need help. Millions of men suffer from hair loss, and some famous actors have even been left emotionally distraught at having to give up acting careers because they weren’t able to reverse their hair loss. An actor such as Tomas Lemarquis, appearing in X-Men: Apocalypse, was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 13, has said that for acting, having a condition like this "makes it impossible to do all kinds of roles."


Hair Loss – Not only an Old Man’s Problem  

This male pattern hair loss, which is also referred to as androgenetic alopecia, isn’t reserved for older men either – it’s a common condition seen in guys as young as in their 20s. They stress when they see their receding hairline and their thinning hair. Some try to foolishly grow a few remaining strands of hair and sweep them over their head to cover their bald spots. When the wind blows their secret is revealed. 

Double Up on Good Results  

You need to be consistent with your Finasteride to see results. Its effectiveness has been compared to Minoxidil, only significantly better because researchers have found that while 80% of guys taking Finasteride enjoyed witnessing dense hair regrowth, with Minoxidil it was just 52% of guys who saw similar results. Doctors, however, noted that men who combined both Finasteride and Minoxidil experienced the best results – better than those who used just one treatment plan. Unfortunately, just like with so many other medicines, Finasteride comes with some side effects. A few men, roughly 5%, can experience some sexual side effects such as low libido. If you find starting a hair loss treatment programme like this a little bit intimidating, the best route is to talk to your doctor about it. When you finally have your prescription in your hands, you can then complete your process towards helping your thinning scalp hair by dealing with a reputable and registered online pharmacy and being sure that the Finasteride you buy is the real thing.

Modest but Steady Hair Growth 

The dosage for Finasteride is one tablet, preferably taken at the same time each day, and with a glass of water. Whether you take it before or after a meal makes no difference. If you missed taking a tablet, don’t take 2 the next day. Remember that hair doesn’t grow overnight – it’s a long process, and you won’t see immediate results. The idea is to not give up but to be persistent because you’re only likely to start seeing a difference in about 3 months time. Those interested in the tablets or more information on them should first consult their own doctor. With your prescription, it will then be time to get hold of a good online pharmacy, one that has skilled experienced staff and who do everything in a legal fashion. You can then actually look forward to taking a step in the right direction to getting your hair back as well as some of your self-esteem.

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