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Discover Maxibillion Stylish Yet Comfortable Underwear

An exclusive underwear label has launched their online store taking the men’s underwear market by storm; Maxibillion are championing high quality, luxury underwear, activewear and loungewear for the style-savvy individual who pays attention to the finer details in life. Men’s underwear has evolved over time and with fit, support and style taking precedence as the main three qualities men are looking for when shopping for new boxers and briefs, the Maxibillion team have spent time creating the very best in underwear for men. Working behind the scenes to create the perfect products that offer the very best in comfort and style, the brand is one-to-watch for 2019.

Maxibillion is new to the market as a men’s fashion start-up. Working from the ground up, the team are hungry to revolutionise how men shop for their essentials. Understanding what men are looking for and specifically require from their underwear, seeing men wearing boxer briefs to work and during leisure and workouts, the people behind the brand wanted to create a series of menswear products separately for each of these daily routine activities that have both the functionality factor and comfort.

Along with the recent brand launch, Maxibillion is also responsible for introducing three key shapes to their customer base – briefs, boxer briefs and trunks. Understanding there is a need for luxury underwear, the team perfected the shape and style men have been looking for. Speaking to the team, the fabrics used have the upmost importance to delivering the collection to market. The brand started by creating the very first pieces in the collection using supple fabric; meaning every pair is comfortable to wear, feels great against the skin and caters to the garments already in your wardrobe. The brand has set their sights on expanding the product offering in 2019. Not content with just offering underwear, expect to be wearing men’s activewear and loungewear by this brand this year.

Celebrating the launch of Maxibillion, director and start-up CEO, Erim Saz is proud of how the brand has evolved from the initial idea stages. The brand identity grew from his desire for a comfort-first underwear brand that could be worn for both leisure activities and day-to-day comfort, without compromising on fit or style. Speaking about the product, his thoughts turn to brand expansion and meeting customer demand; “In creating Maxibillion, I wanted to innovate the change in men’s underwear, improving the fit and quality to create something that has never existed in the market place before, by paying attention to the finer details such as ultra-fine organic fabrics, tailored fits and functional designs all coming together."

"During the creative process of designing each garment, we took into consideration the needs of every man and how they differ depending on their lifestyle, routine and body shape. This is why we developed different shapes/cuts (especially for underwear) and different fabrics, as we know our customer base take price in the way they dress and feel in underwear and clothing, playing a big part in their ability to perform to their best ability and achieve their goals. I believe we’ve delivered what we set out to achieve from the initial thought process and I’m excited to see how the everyday man reacts to our bespoke creations.” 

With further collections scheduled to launch in Autumn/Winter 2019, the start-up designer brand shows no signs of slowing down and strives to become a market leader in the men’s underwear and activewear space. Shop Maxibillion online at maxibillion.co.uk

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