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5 Proven Ways To Melt Away Your Stomach Fat

It is true that stomach and belly fat are really difficult to cope with, compared to fat stored in other parts of the body, for example, the legs or the glutes. However, it is also a fact that if you are persistent and focused on losing some inches of fat from your stomach, you will finally achieve good results and be happy with yourself. Here are 5 proven ways that can help you melt away your stomach fat once and for all.

1. Organize your meals 

The way you organize your meals, particularly before you go to sleep at night is vital. Studies have proven that eating small, light meals is the ideal way of helping your body burn the extra fat while you're asleep. When we are sleeping deeply during the night, a growth hormone is secreted by the brain. If you eat large portions at night, this hormone will store the food in your system as fat. It is also, important that you consume the last meal of your day at least 2-3 hours before you get into bed. This will allow your body to effectively metabolize the food and use enzymes to convert it into energy.

2. Choose your food carefully 

Even if you exercise a lot during the day, you won't see any important changes in your body's shape if you don't follow a healthy eating schedule. Eating a lot of proteins can help a lot in losing that persistent stomach fat. Proteins are capable of increasing the metabolic rate and cut down food cravings. If you combine this with low-fat dairy products, you will notice quick results in losing some pounds from your belly area. Another important compound you should include in your daily intake of foods is the so-called choline. It breaks down fat in your body and uses it to produce energy. You can easily find this nutrient in sufficient quantities in eggs and lean meats. 

3. Focus on natural fat burners  

A variety of foods and supplements can help you lose weight from your stomach quickly. You just need to consume them on a regular basis. For example, green tea extract combines all the fat burning benefits of green tea in one capsule. A recent study showed that people who received a combination of caffeine and green tea extract burned about 16% more fat than those who didn't follow this dietary plan. Soluble fiber can also help you lose stomach fat mainly by reducing your appetite. It also reduces the number of calories you receive from food. To learn more interesting facts about popular fat burners, you should read more on natural fat burners at shapegold.com. The site offers a variety of articles on creating a healthy lifestyle and keeping in shape at all times.

4. Walk on a daily basis 

You may have heard that running and aerobic exercising are the keys to losing belly fat quickly, but recent studies have showcased that going for a brisk walk daily can offer your body more positive results. Particularly if you go for a walk between 8am and noon, you will notice an increase in your metabolic rate and a loss of stomach fat within less than a month. For better results, you can add some kind of aerobic exercising two to three times per week. There are also some exercises that specifically focus on the area of the belly you could try out. For example, different types of crunches, including side crunches, twisted and reverse crunches are the most common types of exercises that are designed to help you lose that extra layer of stomach fat. 

5. Use coconut oil 

Coconut oil is not only tasty, it is also a valuable tool in dealing with stomach fat. Using one to two tablespoons of this oil daily can really help you burn down some inches of belly fat quickly. It contains a specific type of fatty acids, known as medium chain triglycerides, which have the ability to get directly absorbed into your bloodstream. That leads to faster digestion of existing fats. You can use coconut oil during your main meal for best results.

Losing some inches of stomach fat is not that easy. It requires effort, persistence, concentration and a change in your general eating habits and lifestyle. However, if you really wish to feel a change in your body's shape quickly, you can actually achieve it without too much hard effort. You just need to have a well laid out plan and strictly follow it, even when you do not really feel up to it.


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