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Why Bespoke Suits Should Be Your First Choice

A bespoke suit represents more than just a suit, but an entire era with a history of suit design that adds culture to the experience of making the suit. The turnaround time to build a bespoke suit take patience, however, it’s worth its weight in gold. When comfort, fit and quality are the top priorities in a suit, your first choice should be to turn to a handmade suit. Finding a bespoke tailor isn’t difficult but a little scouting and research on a particular tailor is recommended. You’ll get an idea of what a bespoke tailor’s finished products look like so you will fill comfortable with the style and fit of your suit. Tailors have tendencies in how they style their garments and checking out the consistencies in their work will either confirm you’ve made the right choice or help you avoid future disappointment.

The first consultation doesn’t obligate you to move forward in designing your suit, so take advantage of the advice and take your time if you need it. The meeting with a bespoke tailor is to discuss the design of your garment so make a list of questions and plan on being able to communicate the design and pattern you would like the tailor to accomplish. The sign of a good tailor is how responsive he is to your ideas, because it will indicate his level of engagement in understanding what you want and what you like.

Photo: How To Spend It
Photo: How To Spend It

If everything feels right at your consultation you can then decide on the many options necessary to complete the design of your suit. The first item up for discussion is usually the fabric. Your tailor is a great resource for this option in particular because of the many details that surround fabric which will affect your decision. The levels of quality between the mills are numerous and each mill has an endless supply of choices. The guidance from your tailor in sorting out the best selections will save you time in research and confusion. The colour combinations you choose are also an area to lean on your tailor for ideas. This is obviously a more personal area that you need to be comfortable with but considering the breadth of experience bespoke tailors are renowned for, it’s worth hearing and seeing their recommendations for what they think will get you looking your best.

Photo: Huntsman
Photo: Huntsman

Each decision you make regarding design sets your suit deeper into custom territory and makes the garment an increasingly unique and personal article of clothing. Choices include the design of your lapel, size and style of pockets, stitching and lining. You can choose how you want the break of your trousers, whether there are cuffs, pleats, or side trouser fasteners as opposed to belt loops. You can even go so far as to choose the style of buttons, buttonholes and whether the buttons are internal or external. The styling of your suit may seem like a lot of trivial decisions but the sum of your effort and choices will equate to a rewarding experience when you realise there is no man on earth who has the same suit as you. Your design is your brand. Anywhere from two to three months may have passed by from the day you take your first measurements to the day you walk away with a complete bespoke suit. That time, however, is but a blink in comparison to the lifetime of moments you spend wearing a garment specifically designed to get you looking your absolute best.

Photo: Alexandra Wood Bespoke
Photo: Alexandra Wood Bespoke

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