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Affordable Luxury Watches: Lord Timepieces Review

Lord Timepieces was founded in 2015 and are an interesting watch company that have recently come onto our radar. The founders decided to create a watch brand that stood for those guys who want to take charge of their time and progression through life. Each of their expertly crafted timepieces incorporates a strict criterion for build-quality and aesthetics, while maintaining an affordable price. So, for those of you who dream of owning a luxury watch which will probably cost more than a brand new hatchback, this watchmaker from London might be what you’re looking for. But if you're in a lower budget range for a luxury watch this article has you covered. They release the typical classic and modern designs but at just a fraction of the cost you’ll be familiar with.

Lord Timepieces offers unique and luxurious watch styles in a variety of timeless and elegant designs, from minimalist classics to bold skeleton watches. The watchmaker combines global style trends, unrivalled quality and exquisite looks into an affordable superlative product. The brand believes time should be used for passions, opportunities and purpose. In their short few years of operation they’ve gained a lot of traction with customers and a family of supporters who share the same vision across 180 countries.

“Time is a precious resource. You cannot buy it, exchange it or borrow it. It is fixed and constant. We believe every moment is an opportunity, not to be wasted or passed by. We are on a mission to inspire and encourage you to use your time to be driven, creative and motivated. Our goal is to inspire and remind you of your own hopes and dreams and encourage you to tick on forward. Our team of go-getters strive to bring you high quality products at a revolutionary price.”

In 2019 you no longer need to break the bank for a quality timepiece in the age of the modern internet. This online-first brand offer original, high quality and unique designs at a fraction of the cost that you’d expect on the high street from many brands who mark up their retail prices tenfold to maximise profits. Supported by over 1 million highly engaged social followers, Lord Timepieces brings a community of like-minded individuals stretching the globe.

For this Lord Timepieces review the brand kindly sent us the Orion Rose Gold model so we could get up close and test it out for ourselves. Priced at just £159, not to mention with free worldwide shipping and a 2-year warranty, it simply is ludicrous value for such a watch; you have the wow factor of a typical Swiss timepiece with luxurious appeal and it carries good weight worn on the wrist too. The movement is Automatic, the straps are genuine leather and it’s also water resistant to 3ATM. We’re still trying to work out how such a watch can be designed, manufactured, assembled and packaged at such a low price point.

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