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Introducing SEVENFRIDAY Watches and Accessories

This year marks the seventh anniversary of Zurich-based watch and eyewear lifestyle brand SEVENFRIDAY. Heard of them - maybe not… yet! With a refreshing outlook on an industry (watches) that is awash with luxury looks and price tags to go with it, SEVENFRIDAY shifts focus, putting emphasis on the importance of enjoying what we do and being part of a community - brand first, product second.

And that’s not to cheapen the product at all. On the contrary, it could be called savvy, certainly in this day and age - to have substance and a purpose to be doing something above and beyond the mere formalities.

With more than 25 ‘spaces’ globally - called spaces as people are encouraged to dwell, chat, take a drink and some food within them - SEVENFRIDAY has an ever-growing network of fans and will launch their latest space in Shanghai later this month - the first opening four years ago! The opening coincides with the launch of their latest T Series model - two watches paired with two sun-frames, inspired by the brands iconic casing and their lenses inspiring the dial of the watch - motivated by the Normandy landscape, which is also the home of ‘ultimate geek’ designer Arnaud Duval.

To highlight the ‘alternative’ approach, the T Series was launched over a six-day period live on social platforms in August via a pimped-up rolls Royce Silver Shadow as it travelled the coast of the Normandy region - interactive, fun and cementing the consistent behaviour of the brand. “We were one of the first ‘watch brands’ on Instagram and wanted to be free of all bullshit and false promises to become a business that interacted with people without boundaries,” says founder and business owner Dan Niederer. “Within our spaces we want to interact with people and have regular events, gigs and art installations across the network. We constantly travel the world to experience new things and to meet new people,” he adds.

Not flawless and with plenty of learnings over the past seven years, a constant reevaluation of the business has become the rule. With success comes obvious challenges to manage efficiently. With the remaining months of 2019 extremely exciting and busy ones, SEVENFRIDAY starts with the continued global push of the T Series, followed by the Space Shanghai opening, which coincidentally was designed by award-winning London-based design agency BusbyWebb and then on to the latest RocketByz collaboration, which will see seven events launched over seven key cities including London, New York, LA, Stockholm and Zurich.

Dan Niederer
Dan Niederer

Anyway, back to the now and the T Series, because the T Series watch and eye-wear duo has plenty of #liveSEVENFRIDAY attitude and unique style authority of its own. With thinner straps and reduced dial, this is the smallest SEVENFRIDAY watch yet and carries the same sun lens as the partnering ICON Tiny sun-frame — the T2/01 gradient green and T3/01 gradient blue. The partnering ICT2/03 and ICT3/04 sunglasses feature the retro 1970s aesthetic, complete with stainless steel frame with signature cushion-shaped mini-lens matching the colour inspiration behind the watches.

Space Zurich
Space Zurich
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