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4 Hair Trends for Modern Guys Who Want to Own 2019

If you're ready to upgrade your look to something more than the usual hair do, there are quite a few things you can do to refresh your hair in 2019. Hair trends pass, regardless of what you like, military or messy. 2019 has a lot in store for all those who are looking for a new haircut. If craft beer, hot towels, and plush seats sound good to you, we'll fill you in on four of the hottest hair trends modern guys can count on in 2019. Some cuts are all about tidy buzzes and a sharp short back while others favour grungy long hair and texture. We've gathered hair trends that most modern guys are after.

1. Crop-fade 

The crop-fade, or the textured crop, is neither antisocial nor scarily precise. On the contrary, it's a big hitter of 2019 that flatters most modern guys. Even though it's actually a remix of having length on top with short sides and back, this modern hair trend is all about getting gravity to work for you rather than against you. What's really important is that the crop-fade aims to work with the natural growth patterns of hair. It works best on guys with natural texture and thick hair. It can be messy or military, depends on the person. It takes minimal effort to maintain this style and you can get it done in minutes just by applying a little matte paste through your hair. It gives you that smart, smooth, undone, and softer appearance.

2. Natural flow  

Back in the day, slick looks were in, with a lot of shine, but 2019 begs to differ. Nowadays, guys are more into dry styles that can flow and move. Well, a natural flow haircut requires no shine products while providing that invisible hold that helps you create volume and shape and still hold on to the natural flow and hair movement. The secret lies in training your hair with a blow dryer and adding the finishing touch with just a little bit of product. The flow hairstyle had many names in the past like the hockey haircut, or wings or bro flow, and it was most popular among preppy guys, hipsters, baseball players, skateboarders, and surfers. Well, this hair trend made a big comeback and it offers to grace modern guys with that care-free look that mostly complements those with laid back personalities. However, the natural flow does require high-maintenance as well as making efforts to grow your hair if you want it to look good.

3. Textured haircuts 

Arguably one of the hottest hair trends among men in 2019. Once considered rebellious, textured hairstyles are trendy and modern today. These haircuts complement modern men regardless of their hair being short or long. Textured haircuts vary in styles and cool cuts. For those with short hair, we recommend going with an undercut or fade on the sides with spikey hair, fringe or a textured crop on top. For longer hair, anything in the range from messy, choppy, to comb over and textured quiff will look great. What's really good about textured haircuts is that these hairstyles work best with curly, wavy, thin, straight, or thick hair. They can help give your hair type the stylish and unique look it deserves.

4. Buzz cuts  

Buzz cuts are all about the short but sweet hairstyle. What makes buzz cuts stand out from other haircuts for men is that this hairstyle works well for girls too. Now, buzz cuts are more of a stylish statement, allowing modern guys to express their individuality and rebellious nature against society. Most importantly, these haircuts really help show off your masculinity and depending on your preferences and style, buzz cuts offer many features to go with your modern look. There's just one catch here - you need to have a pleasantly proportioned head for it. Also, you can't get the cool Channing Tatum-look on your own. You'll need a barber and some product when it starts growing back.

What equipment you'll need to keep it tidy 

When it comes to keeping your hair tidy, you'll need some regular maintenance. Brush your hair regularly and get shampoo and conditioner combo according to your hair type. A good ongoing hair care regimen includes: Deep conditioner, Olive smoothing oil, A good hair trimmer, Regular styling, High-quality clippers, Thickening and shine spray, Hair pomade, Wax, Gel, Cream, Styling paste or clay. 

Take care of your receding hairline 

Problems with a receding hairline are pretty much common these days for men as they grow older. While this is something that most men experience as a direct result of ageing, you can do something about it. There are many options available on the market today and one to consider that has been picking up esteem by men is low-level-laser therapy to stimulate hair growth. The Illumiflow laser cap is an effective, painless, and safe solution that might just be what you are looking for if you want to get your hair back on track, and growing in areas that it once used to before.

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