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5 Essentials of an Amazing Close Shave

To your surprise, shaving hair off has been a tradition for centuries, and this practice was going on even before Christ. In old times, people had different customs to shave off their body hair. Both men and women have been shaving for beauty, religious, and regional rituals. Shaving started in Egypt, where keeping long hair was not tolerable in scorching weather. They used to apply depilatory creams on their whole body and then rub pumice stone all over the body to remove the hair. Archeologists have found Gold and Copper shaving razors from Egyptian tombs, so it is evident that the elite class used blades too, and they were involved in the practice of shaving.

Ancient Romans practiced shaving very passionately. They used to pluck thick hair with copper wire and tweezers and afterward rub their faces with pumice, essential oils, and perfumes to make their skin soft. They had a ritual to celebrate their first shave, and barbershops were the meeting places for men.

Ancient Greeks were only allowed to shave in a mourning, and not having a beard was considered very shameful. Nonetheless, when Alexander the Great came into power, things changed, and he encouraged the soldiers to shave their long beards, and afterward, shaving became a fashion (and became popular). They invented copper and iron razors, which looked closer to modern time razors. Until the 1700s and 1800s, shaving wasn't advanced as we see today, but in the early 1900s, the idea of disposable razor came into practice. It saved time, and people started shaving at home. Till that time, shaving was done wet, but in the 1920s, everyone got attracted to the electric razor. Although expensive at the time, people used it, and it brought dry shaving into practice. Then stainless steel razor blades were introduced, which were more resistant to rusting and could be used more often. Stainless steel razor blades gave more comfort to the practice of shaving, especially for those who could not afford the electric razors.

The purpose of shaving is not only to remove the unwanted hair from the body, but to get a soft neonatal skin look. Usually, wet shaving is said to have some advantages to get closer to this look. Like other skincare rituals, shaving has been a common practice in men and women both. Different brands of depilatory creams offer this look. Different razor brands with triple-blade design, some with moisturising properties of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E strips provide a smooth and close shave, but still, you may find people having razor burns or wounds after shaving. The Bearded Colonel offers a good shaving experience with a fantastic shaving kit.

1. Prepare your skin before shaving 

The hair on the body is hard, especially for men. So, you must prepare your skin thoroughly before shaving; otherwise, shaving on dry and rough skin can lead to irritation and shaving wounds. Before shaving, softening the skin can allow a comfortable and smooth shave. Take a hot shower or place a hot moist cloth over your face as it will prepare your skin for shaving. Massaging skin in a circular motion can also make skin soft and moisturised. Steam can open the pores, making it easy to achieve a close shave. Cleansing and exfoliation can also help to remove dead cells and dirt from the skin and give a clean platform for shaving. Exfoliation is the process that removes the dead cells from the surface. 

2. Choosing the razor 

Choosing a clean, sharp, and safe blade is the main tip for having a smooth close shave. Double and triple-blade razors have the advantage of a reliable and close shave. Pivot heads are very convenient to use as these razors can move the blades according to the curves of the face. When choosing the razor-handle, make sure to check the weight of the head and shaft so it can be balanced well in the hand. Disposable blades are also acceptable if you are using it for a couple uses only, but not more than that. To increase the span of a razor be sure to dry it after use because damp blades harbor bacteria which causes rusting. 

Bolin Webb
Bolin Webb

Razors aren’t as expensive as they used to be and most guys can afford a good one. Cartridge razors are the ones that have been used for decades and most commonly by guys today. However, there is another type which is growing in popularity, known as the safety razor, which allows a more precise shave and excellent safety from shave wounds. Choosing the right blade is the most crucial step towards a smooth shave, so you should select the best option for your skin and affordability for a great shaving experience.

3. Foaming Agent and Shaving Brush 

Dry shaving isn't encouraged because it is harsh and leaves irritated skin behind. So, wet shaving is always recommended and used to experience smooth shaving without harming the skin. Many foaming agents are available in the market which soften and nourish the skin. A rich and luxurious foaming agent is ideal for a good shave. A variety of shaving creams, gels, and soaps are also available but avoid soaps. Choosing a good brand is very important; otherwise, substandard products will leave your skin dry and rough after shaving because they do not fulfill the goal, and you will not get the desired results. After applying the shaving cream or gel, a fluffy shaving brush provides an extra cushioned platform for the shaving procedure. Shaving brushes help hair to stand straight too. 


4. Pre-shave care 

Some people have dry and sensitive skin, and for such people, pre-shave skincare becomes essential. There can be many measures in pre-shave skincare such as steam, shower, and massage that can help and give the best results. There are many pre-shave oils available in the market that may prove game-changer for converting our ordinary shaving into a more precise and close shave. Massaging with these oils before every shave can remove dirt and bacteria out of the skin, making skin soft, so the razor glides over smoothly. 


5. After-shave care 

During shaving, sharp razor blades glide over the skin and can leave skin a little sore. Therefore, the aftershave skincare routine should be followed religiously to make your skin smooth and soft, and prevent it from excessive dryness. Another product which should be a part of your shaving kit is the after-shave lotion or balm. Gentle rubbing on to the skin soothes it and gives a smooth and moisturised surface. After shaving, you should also wash the skin with cold water to remove remaining cream or loose hair and softly dry it with a clean, soft towel. You shouldn’t rub your skin after shaving as it will be too sensitive. Whilst the skin is damp, you can use aftershave spray or balm to help soothe and prevent any irritation. 

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