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Lightweight Essentials for the Modern Stylish Traveller

I love so many things about running a sneaker business but the main one is that I need to travel frequently, whether it’s to exhibitions and shows in Europe, visiting one of our manufacturing partners in Portugal or the Far East, or jetting to photographic locations for our campaigns. Wherever it is I am going, travelling lighter is absolutely essential; for convenience, speed and ease. The idea goes further than that, for me, as travelling lighter is also about my impact when I travel and buy travel-related products.

Like lots of people who travel, it’s also important that I look the part for all these purposes, which isn’t always easy to combine with travelling light. However, I’ve honed my packing skills to an art form. Yes, I can definitely relate to George Clooney in the hit film, Up in the Air! So, what is my advice for people to travel as lightly as possible but still achieve everything they want and need to from their trip? These are my top travel essentials to help me pack and travel lightly, knowing I have everything I need, without the need to lug a giant case around. Happy travels!

Avoid packing too many shoes 

I have to move seamlessly – read quickly – from formal meetings to walking around a city taking pictures to casual catch ups in coffee shops. And I want to do this in one single pair of shoes that I can fly in, walk miles in and depend on. My new favourites are Flite from SEVEN FEET APART. They are super-lightweight and come in a multi-use packing cube which is used to deliver the shoe, pack the shoe in your case, and store the shoe – so no more single-use shoe boxes taking up space. The design is versatile; from business to casualwear – so no need to pack lots of shoes. Plus, they are one hundred per cent vegan, are made from recycled plastic fibres and have a unique sugarcane sole.

Seven Feet Apart
Seven Feet Apart

Wear clothes to go anywhere 

I also need to be able to go seamlessly from a formal meeting with a factory owner to, say, a photoshoot, to the mad dash for the plane, all in both style and comfort. So, choosing a few signature pieces in materials that never need ironing is a must. I love sustainable staples from The Cotton Story and as someone who only ever wears a white tee – it’s one less thing to think about every day – theirs are perfect.

The Cotton Story
The Cotton Story

Take the perfect case 

I take an AWAY Carry On. When Jennifer Rubio's case fell to pieces on a trip, she decided to design her own replacement. We love the minimal style, organisation cubes - a revelation in packing - and the on-board power bank. Nice kit, which lives up to the hype with the added bonus of no more paranoid searching for the one working plug socket in T5! 

Get the perfect shot wherever you are 

When we need to keep our pack light and want to shoot stable video, we use the GorillaPod system; it can be used to mount an iPhone or a full size DSLR and with its grippy legs, it can be attached to practically anything, anywhere.


Ditch the big stuff by making the most of the small 

We optimise our kit by losing the big DSLR cameras and shooting with the Moment App and Lens. The photo application that gives you more control of your phone's camera, especially Depth of Field. Knock out those backgrounds without an upgrade. And the lenses take mobile cameras to the next level. Big pictures in a tiny space. Another great idea that began life on Kickstarter!  

Reduce the waste in style 

There are some big steps that we all have to consider related to sustainability and travel; for example, is every trip essential? Could some of them be avoided? Can you hold meetings remotely, utilising technology? However, the tiny steps add up too, which is why I pack a Keep Cup Brew everywhere I go. It’s easy to carry, attractive, and brilliant to use, keeping my coffee warm and reducing the number of disposable cups going to landfill – the foundations of a great everyday carry item.

Keep Cup
Keep Cup
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