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Introducing Bentley Beyond – The Collection

Bentley, the prestigious manufacturer of luxury cars, has released Bentley Beyond - The Collection. It’s a new line of fragrances, consisting of three unique scents that take you on a journey to three countries around the globe.

Walter Owen Bentley was the founder of the company and passionate about travel, quoted as once saying that solo travel was “one of man’s fundamental longings”. Each fragrance showcases an ingredient from its destination and creates a journey any motoring enthusiast would love to take.

Exotic Musk  

The first destination is Acapulco, Mexico for Exotic Musk. With its golden sand and tropical weather, it’s a magical destination, and a perfect location to start the tour. 

Top notes: Orris, Ambery Woods 

Heart notes: Orcanox, Ambranone, Tonka Bean 

Base notes: Musk, White Wood 

Opening with a buttery orris note, and the ambery woods, evoking imagery of an evening by the shore. Tonka bean adds a creamy quality, rich and warming. Not forgetting the powerful Musk in the base, this really is an exotic experience. 

Composed by perfumer Mathilde Bijaoui

Exotic Musk
Exotic Musk

Majestic Cashmere 

Moving on in our journey, the next destination is Goa, India for Majestic Cashmere. Situated on the western coastline, beside the Arabian Sea, Goa is known for its lush tropical beaches and blend of influences, from Hindu, Portuguese and Ottoman. 

Top notes: Incense, Coriander, Ambrette Absolute 

Heart notes: Orris Absolute, Cashmere Woods, Tonka Bean 

Base notes: Vetiver Bourbon, Orcanox™, Labdanum Resinoid, Musk, Patchouli 

Opening with a smokey and mysterious incense note, then transitioning into a combination of orris, cashmere woods and tonka bean to create a scent that’s both enveloping and luxurious. Patchouli and vetiver create contrast in the base, whilst the heavy-hitting labdanum adds depth and power. 

Composed by perfumer Julie Masse

Majestic Cashmere
Majestic Cashmere

Wild Vetiver 

Our final destination is Java, Indonesia for Wild Vetiver. An ancient island and most populated in the world, home to rainforests, volcanoes and famed for the rich and earthy vetiver that’s grown there. Let’s explore. 

Top notes: Bergamot, Pepper 

Heart notes: Verbena, Vetiver 

Base notes: Amberwood, Birch 

Opening with a fresh and effervescent bergamot note, with a pepper kick, leading to a crisp combination of verbena and vetiver. The vetiver note is deep and earthy, blending well to the woody notes in the base. Our journey leads us from the rich and creamy to the sharp and invigorating, what a tour it’s been.  

Composed by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur

Wild Vetiver
Wild Vetiver

The bottles of each fragrance have been inspired by the cut-crystal headlights of Bentley’s Continental GT model. Whilst the colour of the fragrance itself and cap colours have been inspired by the colour choices of their interior trims, blue and teal for Exotic Musk, amber and plum and Majestic Cashmere and green and mustard yellow for Wild Vetiver. With the Bentley emblem sitting prominently and the handstitched leather cap, the attention to detail is very impressive. All three fragrances performed excellently on my skin, projecting for 3-4 hours with longevity of 8-10 hours. Each would easily last the working day and beyond. Whilst fragrances don’t instantly spring to mind when you think of Bentley, quality certainly does. They are a brand that’s built upon a reputation of heritage and luxury, with roots in travel and exploration. Whilst a Bentley car remains slightly out of reach for many, you can experience the same feeling of luxury and prestige with Bentley Beyond - The Collection.

Nick Hogan

Nick is also known as The Scented Gent and is a fragrance enthusiast and podcaster who shares his thoughts and experiences with the latest and greatest global male grooming, men's beauty and fragrance releases.

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