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5 Long Hair Tips from Men’s Hairdresser of the Year Jim Shaw

Long hairstyles for men are very on trend and can help enhance your facial features, whilst also making you appear younger. Here Jim Shaw, owner and director of Toni&Guy Billericay and men’s hairdresser of the year at HJ’s renowned British Hairdressing Awards 2019, sponsored by Schwarzkopf Professional shares his top 5 tips to for guys considering growing their hair long.

Healthy hair starts from within 

Prior to starting to grow out your hair and as you are growing your hair, it’s important to bear in mind that healthy hair starts from within! You will not achieve super long, luxurious looking locks over night. With this in mind it’s important that you have a healthy diet so that your body produces protein and amino acids that will in return, help your hair grow faster. Drinking plenty of water and exercising regularly will help reproduce new cells and getting enough sleep to help with your circulation are also incredibly important.

Be aware of your face shape 

When opting for a long hairstyle it’s important you take into consideration your face shape, as some styles work better for different face shapes. Oval face shapes are lucky, as they tend to suit most hairstyles, however, for those with circular face shapes and a rounder chin, they may want to take their hair cut up a little higher, above the chin, creating the illusion of angles and allowing the face to appear slimmer. Square and heart face shapes with a more predominant chin are quite the opposite and look great with longer hair that comes past their chin, putting emphasis on their jawline and giving the illusion of a stronger chin.

Long hair requires maintenance 

As well as face shape, it’s so important to take into consideration your lifestyle with long hair. Long hair requires maintenance and you will need to use conditioner, as well as shampoo, to keep your hair looking and feeling its best. You will also need to use regular hair treatments in the mid-lengths and ends of your hair to avoid damage and split ends and keep hair looking as healthy as possible. 

Use the right styling products 

Styling can be quite different with long hair. With short hair, a lot of men tend to use waxes, gels and pomades, whereas with long hair, men can opt for more texturising products such as salt sprays and mousses that will add texture to the hair and give it volume.

Regular trims are key 

As well as using conditioner and hair masks for maintenance, regular trims on long hair are key to ensuring split ends are removed and that hair looks as healthy as possible. During your appointment with your men’s hairdresser you can also discuss updating your look, whether it be by adding layers or changing up your style by adding colour.

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