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How to Look and Act Like a Gentlemen in Four Steps

A new decade has dawned, which means that you now have the perfect opportunity to completely reinvent yourself. But what style do you opt for in this instance? Do you fly out to Australia and become a backpacker? Do you become a distinguished dandy? Do you grow out your beard and embrace your inner lumberjack?

All of these options are good, but they will no doubt get boring after a while. If you’re on the lookout for a style that truly never goes out of fashion, then you should opt to become a refined gentleman. To find out what you must do to look and act like a true gentleman, be sure to read on.

Dress the part 

Regardless of your physical features, you can look like a gentleman if you resolve to dressing the part. By putting the following styling tips into practice, people will be calling you a proper gent in no time: 

- Always wear clothes that fit your exact size, build and length 

- Button up your jackets carefully (should a jacket have three buttons, always button the middle one) 

- Pay attention to detail 

- Always add a pocket square to complete the outfit 

- Care for your clothes and don’t walk out of the house with creases 

- Put shoe trees in your shoes so that they keep their shape 

Be hygienic  

This one goes without saying but, and just for the record, you need to be incredibly hygienic if you want to be called a gentleman. This means that you should smell fresh at all conceivable points (except when you’re working out, of course), you should moisturise daily, and you should groom your facial hair to ensure that it always looks presentable.

Get yourself a classy car  

If you’re to live life like a true gentleman, you need to get yourself a classy car. With the right set of wheels, you’ll be able to showcase just how refined you are wherever you go without even having to say or do anything. Fear not, as purchasing a classy car need not force you to take out another mortgage on your home. There are plenty of used-car dealerships out there that make the classiest of vehicles available for less than their usual market price. Here are five used cars that are fit for a gentleman and currently showcased on AutoUncle

- Audi A8 

- Mercedes-Benz E-Class 

- Rolls Royce Ghost 

- Range Rover 

- BMW 6-Series


Act in a refined manner 

You might look the part, but the clothes that you wear and the car that you drive aren’t going to be enough to turn you into a true gentleman. If you’re to fully embrace this way of life, you also have to act in a refined manner. Some of the things that you must do to truly act like a gentleman include: 

- Being honest 

- Being loyal 

- Holding doors open for people 

- Keeping your language clean 

- Putting other people first

Put the above advice into practice, and you’ll be looking and acting like a gentleman in no time.

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