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Top 4 Considerations When Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a wise choice for any motorist. Firstly, you’ll save yourself a tonne of money and secondly you won’t be so affected by the inevitable depreciation. When you are looking to buy a car, the first thing to do is determine your budget. Research the average prices for the models that you are looking for, so you know what to expect. Beyond this, consider these four easy steps.

1 . Inspect carefully  

Ensure that you give any car that you are considering a careful inspection. Take a look at the tyres; these should have 3mm of tread minimum, or else they’ll need replacing pretty soon. Next, check out the bodywork and look for any signs that the car parts have been previously replaced or damaged. Remember, rust isn’t a purely aesthetic fault; this kind of corrosion can cause issues with your car parts in the long run. Of course, not all second-hand cars will be in perfect condition, but choosing one that needs too much work could be counterproductive.

2. Get the history 

The most important thing to do when buying a used car is to get information about the car history. You will want to get access to the MOT, plus details of all the previous owners. Remember to take a look at the mileage and check the appearance against the stated number. Many choose to get a HPI check, but in fact, there are more detailed checks which you can opt for. For instance, the hpi alternative by green flag offers some great extras such as common breakdown reasons and MOT faults. With a detailed history of the vehicle, you’ll be in the best situation to make an informed decision. 

3. Thorough test drive 

When you give the car a test drive, know what you’re looking for and be thorough in your analysis. When you pull away, check if the vehicle is smooth or a bit clanky. Drive-up a hill to test the power of the car, make a note of how many gear changes the hill requires. Ensure that you drive around a few tricky corners and take some bumpy roads; this way, you can test the suspension. Listen carefully to the clutch; if it’s noisy, this could indicate problems in the near future.

4. Earth-friendly 

When you are shopping for a used car, why not consider a second-hand hybrid vehicle? Hybrid cars rely on both a conventional engine and an electric motor to power the car. Due to this, hybrids use less fuel than regular cars and release less CO2 emissions. You’ll also save yourself money, because you won’t need to top up your fuel quite so often. A range extender hybrid runs using the electric motor only. The conventional engine isn’t used to drive the vehicle at all, only to charge up the battery. With this in mind, the range extender is probably the most eco-friendly hybrid yet!  

With these pointers to hand, you’ll be sure to choose yourself the best car.

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