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Can CBD Benefit Your Health & Wellbeing?

Cannabidiol or CBD as it’s more commonly known, has made a huge impact on the health and wellness industry over recent years. Many people are turning to the product as its natural ingredients are claimed to have a range of benefits for both your physical and mental health. Although many people across the globe believe CBD is the perfect substitute for a host of prescribed medications, the lack of scientific evidence behind the benefits of CBD means there's still a large number of critics.

To gain an understanding as to some of the claimed benefits of CBD, you only have to read online reviews and articles, or speak to someone who is already an advocate of the product. With the CBD market booming, it has allowed brands like Truverra, to create high quality products such as oils, creams & balms and supplements, to meet the demands of the rapidly growing CBD market. As CBD is still fairly new to the health and wellness industry, there isn’t a great amount of research behind it, meaning that some people are unsure as to its true purpose. If you fall into this category, then we thought we’d share some of the claimed benefits it can have on your health and wellbeing.

Chronic pain 

Many of its users believe that CBD can have a positive effect when it comes to dealing with chronic pain. People suffering from health problems such as arthritis, inflammatory and nerve-related pain, to more common re-occurring muscular problems, claim that their symptoms have been reduced when taking CBD or a product containing the molecule

Mental health 

Cases of mental health are on the rise in the UK, but many people feel sceptical about turning to medication to ease the symptoms. It has been reported that people who suffer with anxiety and depression have seen a positive impact when taking CBD. To date, this isn’t scientifically backed, however, according to some sufferers; it could act as a helpful alternative.

Sleep disorders  

Many people across the UK suffer from a range of sleep disorders including insomnia and sleep apnea. It’s a common issue which can cause a lot of frustration and fatigue. Although there are a number of prescribed medications you can take to combat the problem, it has been claimed that CBD, like oils from Evopure UK, can help improve your night's sleep.  

The areas mentioned are just some of the health problems CBD is claimed to improve. Treating acne and the symptoms of some cancer treatments have also been reported on numerous occasions. One thing is for sure, if more people are going to trust the meaning of CBD and its benefits; more scientific research will be needed.

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