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The 3 Best Men’s Self Cut Hair Clippers

We recently put out a Tweet to our fans which said, ‘Guys, serious question; how do you plan on getting a haircut with UK in lockdown?’. There were a few interesting ideas which included wearing hats and just embracing the growth. However, the most common answer was to use hair clippers. But how many of you have actually cut your own hair before? We recommend getting your partner to do it if you have that luxury. Otherwise, you’re going to need a few mirrors, strong arms and a whole lot of patience. Here we recommend all the best self-cut hair clippers to get you started.

Remington Quick Cut 

The Remington Quick Cut delivers Remington’s quickest self-cut ever, so you can achieve great results in the fastest time yet - thanks to CurveCut blade technology, 57% greater blade coverage and its sleek, compact and ergonomic design. A must-have grooming tool to create a range of barber hair styles, the Remington QuickCut hair clipper includes nine guide combs ranging from 1.5-15mm. Suitable for grading, tapering and trimming, this versatile hair clipper is all you need to create your preferred look. If you’re on the go and in need of a last-minute quick cut, a handy ten-minute charge will give you all the power you need for that all-important trim. 

£29.99 from remington-europe.com


Babyliss Smooth Glide 

Perfect for a do-it-yourself haircut to get short and even results. A unique dual blade cutting system allows for multi-directional cutting over the head for easy self-clipping. Ideal for trimming the back and sides for a stylish undercut. The revolutionary new design allows you to maintain a short and even haircut for grades 1-4 with ease. Unlike conventional clippers, the dual blade cutting system works with easy, smooth backward and forward sweeping motions across the head - making hair clipping simple and straightforward. The ergonomic body shape is designed to sit comfortably in the hand to effortlessly manoeuvre with control around the head. 

£65 from very.co.uk


Conair Professional 

Get versatility and convenience all-in-one! Skip the barber and maintain your short one-length haircut at home with professional results. The Conair Professional Even Cut Rotary Haircut Cutting System is designed to trim hair 1/2-inch or less in any direction making it the perfect do-it-yourself haircut clipper for short even-cut styles. Ultra-sharp stainless steel blades deliver precise, safe results every time. Just gently drive the clipper across your entire head as well as in a circular motion and it does the rest. Two adjustable and unique lock-in comb guides make it impossible to shift lengths mid-cut and makes it a foolproof operation. 

$60.34 from walmart.com

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