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4 of the Best UK Fitness Events to Work Towards

Are you a fitness fanatic? Do you love setting yourself goals, overcoming challenges and achieving things you didn’t think possible? Then why not create a bucket list of fitness events to work towards? As the country is currently in lockdown, many upcoming events have been postponed or cancelled, but you can still consider events scheduled for later in the year, and find a personal trainer in London. Here, we’ll explore four amazing fitness events that take place across the UK.

Half marathon 

There are plenty of half marathons that take place across the country, including the Great North run, Luton Half Marathon and Leeds Half Marathon. So, wherever you are based, you’ll be able to find an event nearby that’s easily accessible by car, bus or train, whether you’re travelling from Stevenage to Luton, London to Newcastle or otherwise. These events offer an amazing atmosphere for both regular runners and event rookies, with participants and spectators cheering each other on. Many choose to run for charity, which is a great way to hit your goal and give back to a worthy cause.

London Marathon 

The London Marathon is a fantastic event which takes place annually. However, this year it has been postponed until October due to the coronavirus outbreak. Just under 43,000 people took part in 2019, all hoping to reach the finish line after a challenging 26-mile stint. It is a fun-filled marathon, with many participants dressing up in humorous costumes whilst raising money for various charities. You may also spot some famous faces from the athletics world competing for the top spots in the marathon too.

Tough Mudder 

Tough Mudder is a fantastic mud run and obstacle course that is sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Events take place in various locations across the UK, including Manchester, Yorkshire, Scotland, the Midlands and across the south of England. You’ll need to prepare yourself for a series of challenging obstacles, from plunging into icy waters, navigating tight ropes, climbing high walls and crawling through muddy trenches. It’s certainly not for the faint hearted!

UK Ironman 

Renowned as one of the toughest physical one-day challenges in the world, Ironman is a triathlon consisting of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112 mile bicycle ride and a full marathon run of 26.2 miles. Completing one of these stages in a single day is a massive achievement in itself, let alone completing all three consecutively. The Ironman route needs to be finished in 17 hours, with many races beginning at around 7am and finishing at midnight. If you want to set yourself the ultimate aerobic fitness challenge – this is it.

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