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How to Keep Fit During the Lockdown

The Coronavirus outbreak has temporarily changed life as we know it. As governments and organisations around the world do everything they can to halt the spread of the virus, over 100 countries are currently in full or partial lockdown. Alongside pubs and restaurants, many gyms have been forced to temporarily close while the public is asked to stay at home. With nearly all competitive sport also put on hold for now, you might be wondering just how you’re supposed to stay fit and healthy. Thankfully, there are still plenty of options beyond changing the TV channel,and these include:

Using your daily exercise allowance 

On top of food, medical supplies, and work, the UK government is allowing people to venture outside for one session of daily exercise. This includes walking, running, cycling, yoga, or even tending to an allotment. Pick whichever suits you best or try your hand at something new. Getting fresh air can help to break up the day and improve your mood too - especially while the weather appears to be on our side.


Investing in fitness equipment 

If you go to the gym to use weight machines or exercise bikes, you may feel lost without the equipment you’ve come to rely on. But from adjustable dumbbells to resistance bands, it doesn’t take much to start building your own home gym. Larger pieces of equipment will require greater investment, of course, but it’s not always a good idea to skimp. If you order a product that turns out to be faulty, talk to personal injury solicitors to find out if you can claim compensation.

Apex Rides
Apex Rides

Joining in free home workout sessions 

With personal trainers all over the world looking for ways to keep busy, many are turning to Instagram and YouTube to offer free home workout sessions. They’re incredibly popular too - fitness personality Joe Wickes has raised over £80,000 for the NHS in ad revenue since launching daily PE lessons online. Joining live can offer a sense of social connection, too – but if you miss a session, don’t panic. Lots of trainers are publishing them online afterwards so you can catch up at a more convenient time.


Taking part in social media challenges

Another fitness trend taking the nation by storm is the Run 5, Donate 5, Nominate 5 social media challenge. Setup by Run for Heroes to raise funds for the NHS, it involves people running or walking 5km, donating £5, and nominating five friends to do the same. Or you could create your own challenge. Other ones to have hit the headlines include a 99-year old war veteran completing laps of his garden, and people running marathons on their balconies. With lockdown restrictions likely to be in place for the foreseeable future, is it time you pushed yourself to get active?

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