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8 Must-Know Tips for Buying a Timepiece

If you want to buy a watch, you could feel overwhelmed by all the choices. Not only are there many watch brands, but there are countless watch types out there as well. Many newbies struggle to find the right piece, which is why we've decided to help you out. We came up with 8 tips that’ll help you purchase a timepiece that’s worth your while.

Look At Warranties 

Watches are intricate, but automatic ones are more so. Although a lot of craftsmanship goes into them, something may have gone wrong along the way. This would result in a watch that reads inaccurate time. Thankfully, watchmakers offer warranties, but how extensive they are depends on the name you’re working with. Not only should you purchase from one that offers lengthy coverage, but it should be an international brand as well. Along with this, the store you bought your watch from would offer a warranty. It wouldn’t be as extensive, though.


Always Buy Them Online 

Depending on the brand you’re working with, you’ll find watches at their physical store, website, or on platforms like Amazon and eBay. If you want to save cash, we recommend purchasing a watch from e-commerce sites. Watch companies that want to market themselves as luxury brands inflate the price of their products on their site. You can get them for their actual, more affordable prices online. This is true even if you were to purchase their pieces from department stores, but online stores deal with less handling fees, so they sell their goods a bit cheaper. There are well-known brands like Citizen and Orient being sold by many online retailers. You should take your time, dig around and read article such as this best affordable dive watches one. This will help you find an especially affordable seller. 

How Luxurious Do You Want To Get? 

Watches come in various styles and from a plethora of brands. Quite a few of them offer timepieces that cost an arm and a leg. These luxury pieces match their price. They come with premium leather, steel, and even gems. You’ve probably heard of Rolex. They’re the world’s leading luxury watch manufacturer. Wearing one of their pieces will not only make you look like a million bucks, but any outfit you wear would be elevated.


Get Something That Will Last 

Get a watch made from quality materials. No, we’re not telling you to splurge on a Rolex, but consider a Swiss brand. They are known for their attention to detail and use premium materials. They cost more than a Japanese watch but ooze craftsmanship. The thing about watches is that you don’t need that many. Having a couple of quality timepieces that look good is all you need.  

Don’t Buy Small Names 

A lot of smaller watch companies make their pieces in-house. Many of them are new to the game too. There’s nothing wrong with this, except when you realise that more acclaimed brands have been in the industry for hundreds of years. They follow watchmaking traditions that result in pieces that don’t disappoint. As you can guess, Swiss watches do this best. However, certain Japanese brands are quite good too. Thomas Vanderlaan from Wrist Watch Pro says, “Seiko probably offers really high quality watches. Their Grand Seiko line rivals Rolex and Omega – they are as expensive, though!"


Do You Want To Make An Investment? 

Consider whether you want to make an investment or not. Not many people realise this, but watches can rise in value. Of course, these aren’t just any pieces but apply to those from brands like Rolex or Omega. Generally, Swiss luxury watches would get you the biggest profit. They can rise by up to 30%.  

How Active Are You? 

How active you are, influences the type of watch you should be wearing. If you spend a lot of time hiking, wearing a regular dress watch is a bad move. It probably has a leather strap, so it’ll get wet. It might be good-looking but not durable, so you could easily wreck it. This is where sports watches come in. They’re not only durable and waterproof, but they come with features that are suited to the outdoors. Most notably – the compass. So, in this scenario you might not want to go the analog route. Smartwatches are abundant and make jogging easier by allowing you to keep your phone at home.


Keep In Mind Water Resistance 

Not all watches are water-resistant. Some of them can barely handle a splash in the pool. Although you might not plan on swimming with your timepiece on, you might be in a setting where it’ll get wet. You will know if your watch is water-resistant by seeing how many feet it can handle. If it says it’s resistant up to 660 feet (200 meters), you can snorkel with it. If it’s resistant up to 660 feet (200 meters) and is ISO 6425 certified, you’ll be able to dive wearing it. Many water-resistant watches are made from materials that enable it to handle water. If you’re a diver, getting one that comes with stainless steel or resin is a must. It could have a rotating bezel too – this will act as a timer, letting you know when to get out of the pool.  

To sum things up, there are many things to consider when buying a timepiece. There are also specific brands, catering to different kinds of people. When purchasing a timepiece, consider buying it online. Online retailers deal with less handling fees, so they sell their goods slightly cheaper. You should also make note of how well built the piece is – if you purchase one that’s Swiss-made, it’ll likely last longer. Speaking of how well built it is, something could still go wrong. This is where a warranty comes in. Work with a brand that offers an extensive one. They should also have international coverage. With all these tips in mind, you know the best ways to snag a great timepiece.

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