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Men’s Hairstyle Trends from Fudge Urban

For this blog post we’ve teamed up with our friends over at Fudge Urban, the ultimate male haircare brand which believes in styling without limits, and provides men with the tools and knowledge to self-express their style through their hair. They have a salon heritage and professional grade formulations designed to provide everyday styling staples to keep hair looking its best. If you’re on the lookout for new hairstyle inspiration for the coming autumn season, read on guys.

The shaved head continues! 

Guys have been braving the shaved head in lockdown and it has ended up being a great new style - it doesn’t suit everyone, but when it works, it’s a great look for summer. If it’s done cleanly and suits your face shape, then it’s definitely a keeper and perfect for when the heat rises, not to mention easy to upkeep since you don’t need to style it! For those sporting the slightly longer grown out shaved look, Fudge Urban recommends their Inflatable Jelly to give the hair more density and aid in the styling. With invisible texture and natural finish, this lightweight non-sticky formula expands fine hair instantly, targeting sparse, vulnerable and thinning hair.


For those growing out their shaved hair fully, we see crops really coming back in, this will be a great time for guys to try out new things with a more versatile look. They will be grabbing for hair wax’s and Fudge recommends their Matte Wax – their hero product. It’s the perfect styler for any looks lads are going for, with its super dry, non-sticky formula it provides maximum texture with a firm invisible hold meaning you can wear it all day with confidence. Only £5 on Amazon – it won’t cripple your purse in these tight times and helps your hair to look super cool. Great for a bold messed up look, and it lasts forever.

Long locks 

Longer hair has been seen on many guys who're avoiding the home haircut at all costs. Fudge Urban expects to see much more groomed finishes with polish and shape, and recommends their Anti-Gravity Powder Styler to help take your style to new heights with this fine powder root booster. Apply to roots for instant thickening and structure. Hydrolysed Wheat Protein Copolymer helps to boost body whilst sealing in moisture. They also recommend their Ice Freeze Styling Gel to provide the high shine finish men are after, with no danger of product build up, whilst strengthening and conditioning in the process.

Surfer Look  

Everyone is going to be craving the surfer hair look this Autumn. This is because many of us have not been able to go away this year, unfortunately due to the crazy unprecedented times, and those of us who have been lucky enough to go on holiday will not want to part from their surfer locks. You can continue this look easily away from the beach with Fudge Urban’s Sea Salt Spray. It’s the must have to achieve the care-free look – and we all deserve some chill! The Sea Salt Spray is filled with mineral salts to give you heaps of texture and no stickiness. Ideal for a casual, minimal effort look. Spray into damp hair and scrunch. Re-work with fingertips to boost texture. Everyone will be stealing this product!

Return of the side parting! 

This return hairstyle will resurface due to haircuts simply growing out. Fudge Urban expects to see this becoming more common as guys who have maybe wanted to try longer hair but have felt restricted before, will have had the opportunity and time to do it. This is a great look and is very versatile. Keep your parting in shape with Matte Head Master – the convenient spray formula means you can direct the product exactly where you want it, whilst a medium hold factor ensures hair still has natural movement.


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