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The Best BBQs to Buy in 2020

We're slap bang in the middle of BBQ season, which means if you haven't been able to update your rusty old barbecue model yet, don't worry. Together with Wayfair, we're listing the crème de la crème of BBQs to buy in 2020. From gas BBQs that hit higher temperatures to charcoal models that offer that succulent, smoky flavour and even those barbecue beauties that you take on your travels... everything just tastes better when it's cooked outside.

Best Gas BBQs 

Wayfair Recommends: Char-Broil Advantage Series 445S 

Fuel: Gas, Liquid Propane. Barbecue Size: Extra Large (8+ people)

Obviously we couldn't kick off the list without showcasing one of the market's most impressive gas BBQs. Whether you're a total beginner or consider yourself a bit of a master behind the grill, the Char-Broil Advantage 445S is packed full of features that everyone can enjoy. The grill comes with 4 highly-durable stainless steel burners which ignite at the touch of one little button - impressive - but what really sets this BBQ apart from the rest is the TRU-infrared technology. Never again will you be at the mercy of overcooked and flavourless food as the TRU-infrared tech prevents flare-ups, distributes heat evenly for perfect cooking and uses 30% less gas. And if that hasn't tempted you, the spacious design also comes with a cast iron hot plate, ideal for cooking pancakes, omelettes and crispy bacon.

Char-Broil Advantage Series 445S
Char-Broil Advantage Series 445S

Wayfair Recommends: Symple Stuff Deluxe 2-Burner 

Fuel: Gas, Liquid Propane. Barbecue Size: Medium (2-4 people)  

Anyone looking for a more comfortable-sized model should focus their attention to the Symple Stuff deluxe gas grill. What this grill saves on stature it makes up for in delivery, as the 2 integrated burners offer fast, controlled cooking all at the click of one button. The outer-hood thermometer allows you to easily check the temperature of your food without having to pop open the lid, whilst the removable drip tray makes cleaning simple. Sleek in design and easily transportable, the deluxe model is ideal for camping trips and with a bit of wishful thinking, next year's festivals.

Symple Stuff Deluxe 2-Burner
Symple Stuff Deluxe 2-Burner

Charcoal BBQs to Buy in 2020 

Wayfair Recommends: Herminia 43.5cm Foldable Barbecue 

Fuel: Charcoal. Barbecue Size: Small (1-2 people) 

As lockdown eases, so does our desire to get back to the great outdoors, or at least to the local park. And since the foldable Herminia grill allows you to pack up at a moment's notice, now is the perfect time to enjoy some top-quality al fresco dining. This budget-friendly BBQ comes with all separate parts, including the charcoal bowl and grill, that fit like a dream inside the inner frames, while the carry handles make transportation a doddle.

Herminia 43.5cm Foldable Barbecue
Herminia 43.5cm Foldable Barbecue

Wayfair Recommends: VonHaus 64cm Barbecue 

Fuel: Charcoal. Barbecue Size: Extra Large (8+ people) 

Those who can't get enough of the delicious smoky flavour that a good charcoal BBQ offers will love this model from VonHaus. The 2-in-1 functionality of the grill means you can switch from cooking your meat and veg over the usual barbecue flames to inside the wood smoker, which is guaranteed to deliver that intense smoky BBQ flavour. The model's large cooking surface permits batch cooking - ideal for bigger BBQ parties, while the additional features including bottle opener, hanging hooks and adjustable charcoal trays with temp control are what gives this barbecue its edge.

VonHaus 64cm Barbecue
VonHaus 64cm Barbecue

Best Electric Grills  

Wayfair Recommends: Kalorik 45cm Electric Barbecue 

Fuel: Electric. Barbecue Size: Small (1-2 people) 

Anyone looking to host a BBQ party on their balcony or roof-terrace will appreciate the minimalist and simple approach to barbecuing that the Kalorik electric model has to offer. Leaving the need for gas canisters or bulky bags of charcoal behind, this grill sets up anywhere, anytime at the click of just one button. The dual cooking zone allows you to lightly cook veggies and fish on one side of the grill, whilst your meats are barbecued until desired on the other, with temperatures reaching a crispy 250 degrees. The model mimics something straight out of the 80s with its keyboard synthesizer design, but hey, we kinda like it.

Kalorik 45cm Electric Barbecue
Kalorik 45cm Electric Barbecue

Wayfair Recommends: Blom Portable Electric Barbecue 

Fuel: Electric. Barbecue Size: Medium (2-4 people)  

This multi-functional electric barbecue is spot on for avid campers and anyone looking to grab a few weekends away post-lockdown. The portable model is digitally controlled grill and offers a single grate as well as side shelves and table, so there's plenty of room to cook and prep your side dishes and marinades. The real beauty of this model is that when the grill isn't in use, the barbecue triples up as a side table and a serving tray.

Blom Portable Electric Barbecue
Blom Portable Electric Barbecue

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