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Aldo Carpinteri Expands Modes Empire

When two fashion giants collaborate, it means excellent transformation in the fashion realm. The fashion industry has taken a new course as customers demand on better choices. The pace requires new products and styles merging cultural and modern fashion. However, very few fashion designers can keep up with the pace. It's no longer about the price but the quality of the product. Luxury brands are competing to maintain and produce exclusive fabrics and satisfy the fashion market. Today, customers don't only settle for the brand and the logo, but they want something they can identify with. A luxury brand they can associate with.

To fulfil all the desires, Aldo Carpinteri sought to combine authenticity, artistry, cultural and modernisation. The Modes founder has made a significant transformation from a Sicily boutique to the globally known fashion multi-brand. The company offers accessories and apparel from more than 300 designers, which can be found on the website modes.com. The brand has given men a unique identity by manufacturing menswear and accessories such as bags, shoes and exquisite clothing. They have an inspiring selection which gives character for both casual and formal wear. Men have somewhere they can associate their style with thanks to the founder Aldo Carpinteri. The variety ranges from lightweight jackets, trousers, jeans and shirts.

Strong array of collaboration 

The Modes multi-brand retailer has established a strong collaboration with renown brands from around the world. This combination brings exclusivity to the fashion releases, which are also ranked among the top best fashion collections globally. 


The Gr-Uniforma is a deluxe fashion brand established by the popular fashion artist and designer Gosha Rubchinskiy. The founder has a beautiful taste of fashion creativity, having come up with excellent prior menswear collections. The designer goes beyond formalities, where brands have seasonal releases. He merges the ideas of the Uniforma brand and other modern brands to produce an unique style drops.


The company is a rebranding of the famous Stefaniamode. The international brand was established by Aldo Carpinteri, naming it as Modes. The change was positively received in the fashion world as the Italian boundaries never limited it. The company has both e-retail and bricks and mortar stores. The company has different outlets such as those seen in Trapani and Favignana, with one in Sardinia soon to open. The brand focuses on men, women and children's clothing. The founder often collaborates with top brands making Modes one of the most respected boutiques in Italy.

GR-Uniforma and Modes in Milan 

Gosha Rubchinskiy is the latest designer to collaborate with Modes, and the alliance was launched in March at London's Dover street market. This was just after GR-Uniforma's founder announced it would stop seasonal collections. Rubchinskiy’s brand is known for its creativity in photography, art, video and music. The new collection has a combination of utility suits, T-shirts and outwear..

Aldo Carpinteri view  

The Modes founder views this collaboration as benefiting both brands, since each will gain in visibility. It is not only a fashion project but also a cultural one, that gives a perfect blend of the modern vision of Gosha Rubchinskiy with classical Italian heritage. 

Modes Milan

The company has one store in Milan which has a large clientele. They're currently serving them in order, however VIP customers in Milan have the opportunity to try out garments at home. The company has focused on menswear, thus creating a pleasant atmosphere for men to dress and embrace fashion. There are various clothes, accessories and fragrances to suit the customer's choice.

Technology and fashion 

Traditionally, fashion was always limited to certain regions and cities. Fashion brands opened high street stores to reach a high volume of customers. Modes, with the help of online services, can access their clients online. Here customers can make orders and check out the latest releases. The also recently had a significant collaboration with Farfetch, and it is alliances like this which have a positive impact on the overall popularity of the business.

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