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Styling Shirts & Shorts with Ralph Lauren

Known for their ultra-preppy aesthetic and affinity with collegiate culture, Ralph Lauren are a brand which certainly need no introduction. Arriving perfectly in time for the closing weeks of hot weather season, when mild evenings bathed in the evening sun call for more thought out pairings, the big apple born heavyweight presents a selection of key shirt and short pieces perfect for transitional looks.

For those fond of a calf breeze and unable to fathom the possibility of summer’s end just yet, shorts can provide some interesting options when it comes to creating a vast array of specifically suited outfits. Often wrongly boxed off with more laid-back affairs, with simple additions such as subtle alterations, purposeful styling and additional layering, shorts can still remain a key component of your wardrobe even as things begin to cool down. Focusing in specifically on a pair of Ralph Lauren cord shorts, we show you how to easily create a number of put together looks that should serve to maximise what little Spring/Summer pleasures remain.

A simple look on paper, the juxtaposing combination of both a Ralph Lauren shirt and shorts creates an interesting foundation from which to form an outfit. Worn unbuttoned and teamed with a horizontally striped t-shirt underneath for extra warmth and visual depth, the pair harmoniously blend through varying degrees of blue tones. With embroidered pony logos found to the chest and short sleeves a plenty, the arrangement is finished with the aforementioned Ralph Lauren shorts, smart shoes and extra high white socks for that signature frat inspired feel.

Looking to push the contrasting themes to the next level? Why not introduce a more traditional shirt such as this Ralph Lauren striped Oxford shirt featuring a fully coloured iteration of the brand’s classic logo, refined button-down collar and slim fit. The shirt comes boasting a low-key vertical striped design. Alternatively, you could keep things elbow length and instead opt for greater differences in colour and outer patterns. For this, pastel shades such as a gentle pink work best, ensuring enough vibrant punch without making the bold stripes too much of a focal point thus detracting from the bigger picture.

In an ode to their versatility, more heavy-duty pieces can also be paired up with shorts meaning they are an excellent choice when the soon to be mid-season weather rolls around. From fleeces, hoodies and even jackets, the addition of a more bolstered mid-section alongside stripped back legwear ensures comfort, warmth, and on-the-go temperature regulation. Equipped with ribbing and a heritage era chest call out, to demonstrate this point we threw on a Ralph Lauren soft brushed cotton knit sweatshirt for a seamless and effective combo.

In short, pardon the pun, despite attention slowly turning towards that of more Autumn/Winter orientated pastures and legwear making its way back into the realms of jeans/trousers, shorts can still be an effective and viable option for transitioning into the autumn season. Easily paired, diverse and a pleasure to wear you can shop the entire selection of new Ralph Lauren arrivals now at Aphrodite1994.com.


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