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Hairstyle Trends from TONI&GUY’s Jim Shaw

Last week we put out a Twitter poll asking how many of our readers had now visited a barber or hairdresser since the lifting of the UK lockdown. It turns out 70% of you had been back in the seat, putting your trust and hair in an expert’s hands. With this in mind, we’ve turned to TONI&GUY’s Jim Shaw to find out what men's hairstyle trends we can expect over the autumn and winter season ahead.

Long and wavy 

During the lock down so many men were either shaving all of their hair off or allowing their hair to grow long and embracing it. I think a lot of men were surprised at how much they would like longer length and how much easier this is to style and now, more men are starting to come into the salon and keep their hair slightly longer, and instead of opting for a complete restyle, they have just been trimming their hair or asking for advice on styles to suit the longer length. Waves are a hairstyle that we have seen become more and more common and I think this will definitely continue into autumn/winter 2020. Men love to have hair that’s easy to style and all that’s required for this look is a simple texturising spray - like a salt spray - to give hair more of a wave and some volume and grit. This is such a casual yet cool hairstyle and will be a huge hit with men due to it being a very low maintenance style.

Slicked back 

I have noticed slicked back hairstyles have become more on trend recently and these work well for those with short or long hair, where a hairdryer can be used to slick the hair back off the face before finishing with a gel or serum for hold or shine. I think this look is a very sophisticated look and is great for those who like that professional, business man look. It’s also a great look as it works for most face shapes and it can be made more contemporary by pairing it with an undercut.

Buzz cut 

A lot of men will have experimented with the buzz cut during the lock down period and shaved off all their hair as it got too long and unruly. Many men will have been surprised that they could pull of this hairstyle and also would have loved how low maintenance this style is with no styling required. If you are interested in trying this look, start by asking your hairdresser/barber for a number 3 or 2 first and then you can see how you feel about the length before having it cut any shorter, and perhaps going to a number 1.

Side parting

Side partings are a great way to change up your look, particularly if you are used to a middle parting, as changing to a side parting can give your hair added volume. Side partings will continue to become popular coming into the autumn/winter season and there are so many ways these can be incorporated into your hairstyle, whether you have short or long hair. A quiff, fade or comb over style also looks particularly great paired with a side parting, adding more drama to your look and giving it an overall more contemporary finish.

Short and textured 

I think the key to hairstyles coming into autumn/winter 2020 is that they are definitely looking more low maintenance, textured and soft. If you prefer a shorter hairstyle, keep it on trend for the season by adding more texture into your style. This can be done by adding in layers or requesting more of a Caesar style haircut, where the hair is faded on the sides and thickness and texture is left on the top.

Haircare tips 

Healthy hair starts from within – to keep your hair looking and feeling its best at all times it’s important to consider your diet and lifestyle. Drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and getting plenty of sleep are all incredibly important and will allow your hair to grow and feel in its best condition. 

Less is always more – one of the biggest mistakes men can make with their hair is using too much product and creating a build-up on their hair that leaves it looking limp and lifeless. Always start with a small amount of product and build up where needed. I also always advise using a pre-styling product in your hair prior to blow-drying and styling (be it a mousse, salt spray or serum depending on the kind of finish you like). Using a pre-styling product alongside your regular finishing products will really help to enhance the finished look. A serum is also particularly great to use on damp hair in the autumn/winter months for extra nourishment, and to seal split ends and get rid of frizz and flyaways.

Avoid over washing – over washing your hair can lead to you stripping your hair of its natural oils, resulting in your hair lacking vibrancy and shine. Try to only wash your hair a few times a week maximum, and in between washes a dry shampoo can be used to absorb excess oils and to add texture to your hairstyle.  

Use good quality conditioning products and treatments – using a professional conditioner and hair masks regularly is so important to keeping hair looking in its best condition and nourished at all times. Men with coloured or long hair especially will benefit from using regular hair masks and treatments, keeping split ends and damage at bay, and colour sealed in and vibrant.

Regular trims are key - As well as using conditioner and hair masks for maintenance, regular trims are key to ensure split ends are removed and that hair looks as healthy as possible. During your appointment with your men’s hairdresser you can also discuss updating your hairstyle for the new season, whether it be adding layers for texture or by adding colour for a fresh new look. 


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