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7 of the Most Versatile Clothes for a Man’s Wardrobe

Men’s fashion has certainly been on a journey. For many centuries, the purpose of clothing on men was firstly to protect them from the elements, and secondly to indicate their rank and fortune in the world. By the 1800s, the Industrial Revolution saw men wanting to dress seriously and solemnly. By the ‘roaring 20s’, men were into dressing to impress – caring about evening attire far more than previous generations. In the 1980s, Wall Street trends from the USA shaped men’s attire all over the globe. Fast forward to 2020, and it’s claimed that ‘men have never had it so good’ when it comes to fashion - the UK men’s clothing market is now worth £15bn a year. Men are undergoing a style education, and we’d love to help them along. Here are the 7 most versatile clothes for a man’s wardrobe.

A white t-shirt 

The humble white t-shirt never goes out of style. You can layer it by wearing an open shirt over it, pair it with jeans, throw it on with tracksuit bottoms, and even wear it with suit trousers and a smart/casual blazer.

Son of a Tailor
Son of a Tailor

A sweatshirt 

Sweatshirts are an off-duty essential – they work just as well on the way to the gym as they do beneath a camel coat, for example. We suggest a grey jersey option, and it doesn’t even need to be a branded one. This is a simple but highly effective piece. 

A good pair of jeans 

When it comes to jeans, investing in a quality pair is key. A good pair of jeans also needs to be treated well to retain its colour and shape. It’s worth the expense and effort, though, as jeans are as versatile a garment as they come. Top tip: get a pair with a bit of stretch in them, as you’ll no doubt be wearing them a lot and comfort is key. 

A tracksuit 

Loungewear, and particularly athleisure wear, is experiencing a huge renaissance at the moment. That’s because high quality tracksuits for men, like the ones offered by Gym King, are incredibly versatile. You can dress them down, wear them to the gym, wear them whilst working from home, and even dress them up by adding a nice jacket.

A Day's March
A Day's March

A denim jacket 

Denim jackets hold great layering potential, and they also work for any season. You can make them warmer in the winter by adding a hoodie underneath. Again, invest in good quality, like Levi's, for the best results. 

A leather jacket 

A leather jacket should be a stable in every man’s wardrobe. Pick a biker style if you want to add some edge to your outfits or opt for a more tailored cut to add a level of sophistication. 

A blazer 

You’ve guessed it: jackets are key, and blazers can serve a multitude of purposes. They are the ultimate smart-casual garment – dress them down with a pair of jeans, or up with some suit trousers and a smart pair of brogues.

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