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Choosing the Right Car to Go with your Style

Looking for a uniform sense of style doesn't just consist of finding stylish shoes to go with your belt and your jacket. For the astute observer of fashion, style is a throughline that goes into every single part of their life. When we are looking for an approach to exude style in every area of our life, it goes beyond the clothes. It goes into the life you lead, but it also spills over into those things that you use every day, namely your car. Choosing the right car to go with our own style is not necessarily something we think about because our finances can limit our choices. But for those that are looking to craft an image for themselves in every corner of their existence, it's important to choose the right vehicle that matches your style. Let's show you some suggestions.

The Practical Man 

It can be a tad on the cliched side if you are someone that is sturdy and reliable. But when you dress like someone that is prepared for all weathers but you want to look stylish with it, arguably, the Land Rover is something that will suit you down to the ground. And even if you are trying to exude something new when it comes to country bumpkin chic, you don't have to go for the traditional 4x4. Land Rovers are sleek and stylish models these days that can navigate a wide variety of terrain. It's also a suitable choice for the trendy dads among you with suit jackets, skinny jeans, and brogues to suit your dapper, but not traditionally dapper, look.


The Man Whose Style Is Everything 

If you go for bespoke threads and never venture into a clothes shop if you can help it, then a set of wheels that is a one-size-fits-all approach is not going to appeal to you at all. If you are someone who is looking for a trim vehicle to suit your trimmed fashion tastes, you've got to go for a Maserati Quattroporte. Cut like an Italian suit and infinitely customisable, it is the fashion statement of the car world. 

The Leisure-Wearers 

This might not be your cup of tea but on the other hand, this may be all that you wear. Leisurewear is a versatile item of clothing. And this means if you are looking for something that can cover a lot of ground, you can go for a Range Rover, or if you are looking for something more modest in budget, you might have to check out some used cars for sale and go for the Volvo. It's an iconic, yet affordable vehicle that is always on the right side of trendy, but only if you are under 35!


The Fashion-Conscious Without the Finances

We all know that dressing well can be expensive and if you are someone who doesn't have the finances, but you want a great drive that looks the business, the Skoda is all you need. And there are so many options to suit the average buyer and it is so trim, you can make it look suitable for you.

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