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8 Lifehacks to Look Stylish: Student Edition

There are many young men who are studying in colleges right now, and have literally no idea about what a stylish appearance is. That’s a thing to change. We've seen dozens of first-year guys not looking their best and probably using order essay online to get through the year. It’s important to notice that paying attention to your style is important regardless whether there are dress codes at your university. Having your clothes ironed out, cleaned and looking presentable is an important detail that will determine how others treat you. Now, here are 8 simple but effective lifehacks for young men to look more stylish on campus.

1. Never Forget about Footwear 

Worthy footwear is the very basis of a guy's stylish look. The ancient, traditional thought of judging a person by their shoes is still relevant. In case you've never invested in high quality shoes, get ready to pay £100+ for a quality classical such as a Brogue or Oxford shoe. Good shoes may shock you with their price, but their quality and comfort they bring will quickly pay you back. A pair of Derby shoes will serve you for years and even decades providing you look after them. Classic footwear of excellent quality is not a luxury element for the richest, but the necessity for any person willing to look their best.


2. Make Your Look Mature 

The way you look defines how other people perceive you. A college is not a school, and you are not a schoolboy anymore. Keep up with a few select trends and you won't need to wait for too long to see the benefits. For instance, you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd of freshmen who failed to switch their wardrobe collection to a new status. Additionally, professors will treat you more seriously, too. That’s a direct positive influence on your reputation. So, try to look solid and confident even when you're scouting for someone to do your math homework for you. We believe a student should learn how to look respectable right from day one of high education. 

3. Ignore Most Fashion Trends 

Latest fashion trends are changing too rapidly to follow them all. Mostly, young students don’t have budgets big enough to buy new trousers and shirts every month or two. So, you should stick to timeless classics and choose one or two trends to follow at most.


4. Take Care of Your Wear 

Again, most students don’t have excess money to throw away. We certainly don’t, not accounting for the funds we pay to someone to do our assignments that is! After you've set aside some budget to get a quality wardrobe (a bespoke suit, a pair of quality leather shoes, coat etc.), then it will also cost you a little to keep it all in a good condition. A worthy hanger and suit carrier is much cheaper than a new suit. So, start with that hanger. 

5. Have at Least One Good Suit in Your Wardrobe 

It doesn’t matter what campus you attend; a nice suit is something you’ll need. If you plan to buy a classic suit off the rack, not a custom-made one, spend some time with a tailor. Some big stores offer this service right away, but most likely, you’ll need to find a skilled specialist on your own. It’s worth the effort. Suits on shelves are manufactured according to common standards, and they won’t fit you perfectly. A good tailor will be able to make some slight alterations to turn an average suit into one that'll fit you perfectly.


6. Start with White and Blue Shirts 

White and blue cotton shirts are the basics of a stylish wardrobe. This idea is supported with the fact that 90% of all shirts sold all over the world are either white or blue. With their popularity, classic shirts are also available in multiple variations of styles and sizes. So, be sure to have white and blue shirts on rotation.

7. Buy One Pair of Fitted Jeans 

New styles of jeans launch each season. But we recommend the simple dark coloured straight fit denim jean, which is a timeless design. Combine them with a suitable t-shirt for a casual style, or a button-down shirt with a sport coat for a slightly smarter look.

Hurlingham Polo
Hurlingham Polo

8. Don’t Focus Exclusively on Jeans 

Well-tailored classic trousers will help you look much more sophisticated during public events than jeans. Additionally, trousers are less popular among youth nowadays, so you’ll stand out from the crowd. It is better to buy chino cloth trousers of wool or cotton, than to go in for another pair of blue jeans.

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